Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yakiyaki Japanese Barbeque Restaurant End of May to June Promo

As i do reservation before and leave my phone number to Yaki Yaki, they will update me on the latest promotion available and being a kind blogger, I'm gladly share with all my readers.

50% discount on weekday and 30% discount on weekend. (I think for all the meals)

And wat attract me most is this: "Enjoy extra free imported king prawn, sake and beer"

Well, anyone who are interested can make a reservation at 03-21428111.


Haro Genki said...

50 percent is alot... wooo

vkvun said...

but the 15% service charge and government tax is based one the original price, which is a lot

Johnny Ong said...

so u get bonus from them also?

vkvun said...

nope. I do this for fun only