Monday, May 4, 2009

NEC Versa P8210

My laptop, NEC Versa P8210, have not been serviced for about 2 years already and the dust are too much already. The heat is unbareable as without switching on my table fan, the laptop will switch off by itself within 15 mins when watching movies. Even when doing nothing, the sound of the cooling fan can be heard clearly coz very loud. Then after thinking, why not just replace the 1 GB RAM to 512 MB RAM.

Luckily the accesable part behind the laptop is very large. So, after opening up my laptop, do a bit of cleaning hoping that it will help a little, then suddenly i notice there are a few screws that can be opened easily. Those screws are connected to the cooling fan. So, without further notice, i quickly grab my small screwdriver and open up the cooling fan panel.

Upon seeing the dust inside there and blocked output exhaust, no wonder the laptop is so hot. So, i quickly clean it gently. After finish cleaning, i fixed back the part back properly and use 1.5 GB of RAM.

Woh, it is very nice with a clean cooling fan. It is just feel like a new one. haha. Yesterday, i even watch 1 episode of prison break without turning on my table fan. very nice and very happy. really make my day. Since now i already know that i can clean my cooling fan myself, then i no need to waste money to send my laptop to the service centre already. Really a time and money saver.

Pictures below are taken after I have finish cleaning. If not, not nice showing you people the dusty and messy laptop.haha.

The backview of my laptop

Up close to the accesable area of my laptop without the fan cap

The circles indicate the screw i needed to open to
clean the inside part of the cooling system

The gold/chrome/bronze colour metal thingy is the cooling system of my laptop, attached to the cooling fan

The circles indicate the air intake of the bottom part of my laptop

My laptop is almost 3 years old. I got it before I came to KL for my studies. The specifications are as follow:

Core Duo T2300E/1.66 GHz
1.5 GGB DDR2
ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 256MB hypermemory to 512 MB on Window XP
15.4" WXGA SSV
DVI Port
Remote control
2.9 kg

Not to forget, my latest speaker, E-View EV-532 speaker with 2.1 super bass surround.

Till now, i quite satisfy with my laptop coz i still manage to play the latest game in the market, such as Need For Speed Undercover.


Anonymous said...

comeon~ show us how dusty its ~ make comparison before and after.. kaka

vkvun said...

kaka. dont have. forgot to take picture. sorry

Anonymous said...

I would also like to add that I spilled half a glass of water on keyboard and found it was working fine after a day of drying. Continue hoping the P8210 could survive this.

vkvun said...

Wor....luckily i havent spill anything on it.hehe. hope that our P8210 will survive as long as possible

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to my p8210 overheating all the time. It had a layer of dust blocking the small copper cooling fins. After taking out the dust and putting it back together, the laptop works fine again.

Anonymous said...

did u have the driver software??can u share it with me. email me at

vkvun said...

you can get/download the driver here:

Nadia said...

i have the same laptop. can i know if cracking open the lappy n cleaning the fan will screw anything on my lappy? it runs normally after u clean it?

the last time i cracked open the back cover, i ruined it. heheh.

vkvun said...

Hi Nadia. If you un-screw the screw properly, clean the fan n screw back, you wont face any problem one. And why need to crack open when can open properly? If u long time din clean, the cpu fan will become very dusty and due to accumulation of dust, the fan will start moving slowly. So, the laptop will be very hot and not advisable. I would definitely run better after long time of not cleaning it. but cleaning too often is not advisable too as you might damage the motherboard accidentally. maybe 1 to 2 year can clean one time. cheers

Eljeezy said...

iTS AMAZING WHAT A LCLEANING CAN DO,i cleaned my toshba satellite p205-s4676 , after opening it for almost 4 hrs, (its has more 50 little screws!!) , i found so much dust at the heatsink;removed it and now my laptop is so quiet am afraid MY FAN Isnt working!!!!

vkvun said...

Hi Eljeezy, Thanks for dropping by. It do wonders when din service for sometimes. I think is has almost been 1 year since I last clean my fan. Haha. Should take a picture before and after cleaning. Your fan wont be spoil unless you purposely do something to it. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Googled my P8210 with overheating problem and came to your blog. You encouraged me to open up my laptop and ventured into the unknown! But it seems like my P8210 is slightly different from yours. The screws holding on the thin metallic fan lid is not accessible like yours. So instead, I unscrewed those screws with little springs and took the entire cooling board out and found out there is loads of dust stuck inside the copper cooling ducts. Took a while to get it all cleaned but am very satisfied with the result. P8210 is a little gem, be using it for 4 years now and is working like new even with a water spill incident.

vkvun said...

Thanks for dropping by. then now you can service it once a few months. haha. I have been using it for almost 4.5 yrs d and still going strong