Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice

As everyone have known, Kinohimitsu is famous for its health pad which can remove toxin from our body through our feet.

However, in the recent few years, more of Kinohimitsu products have emerged into the market which are also health related products. I first saw this product 1 year plus ago during my community pharmacy attachment. It is a detox product whereby it will help to clean your intestine and promote pass motion.

This product is available in 2 flavours, either cranberry or prum. I have personally tried the prum one and it dont really taste like prum. Maybe because the volume is only 20ml. Thats why i could not taste much. haha. It taste better when put inside the fridge.

"Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice 6-Day program is a smart way to flush out toxins from your bowel within 2-4 hours, without intruding your daily life. 100% natural, with no additives that provides high concentration of dietary fiber which increases the beneficial cultures in the digestive tract and helps fortify the body's defenses. Take 1 bottle a day, consecutively for 6 days. In just 6 days, it reduces your toxic load, solves your motion problem, improves skin radiance and leaves you renew, refresh and revitalize!

How it works??

Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice once consumed, is easily and immediately absorbed by the body. It replenishes hydration and moisturizes colon and its hard feaces in just minutes! It induces smooth motion within 2-4 hours. The results are fast" Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice will constantly promotes peristalsis of colon, improves irregular bowel while soften and unplugged mucoid plague." Quote from the leaflet.


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落魄書生 said...

ehh.. why like making advertisement de? anyway, is it tat good?

cLaR@ said...

haha yalo vk...they pay you for it? hehe

vkvun said...

to attract ppl to come n visit mah. aiyo, u 2. i dont earn money for making the post one. just to share share mah. SSJ, i think it is ok loh consider that u sure will go toilet within 4 hrs. after 4 hrs, no effect d. hehe

KwOnG FeI said...

hw much it is?

vkvun said...

RSP is 79.90. haha

落魄書生 said...

Do you think the health pad really works? I'm very curious about how it sucks toxin out of ur body from ur feet.

vkvun said...

tat one i also curious. but now the price is 90+ for 10/20 pad. need to check again. so maybe bit expensive kua. haha. will think again and see.

manjakani said...

what is the price for this dtox juice? 79? it is an expensive product, but does it work?

vkvun said...

Manjakani, i not sure the price got increase or not lah, but the effect if depends on ppl one. after you drink it, sure will go to toilet to get rid of the dirty stuffs inside your intestine. will feel better after the detox process

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.