Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Latest addition to Taman Connaught Pasar Malam

When i was on my way to the pharmacy, suddenly i saw an interesting lorry moving along side me and into the small road. The name of the van is Mook's Pizza. This means that there will be a new choice to choose from. Pizza. Not a bad idea for dinner. hehe. So, upon seeing where the lorry has stopped, i decided to visit it at around 5smt when everything is ready. Actually my dinner for the day was Chee Cheong Fun. So, it was an option between Chee Cheong Fun and this new pizza. Being currious, i decided to try out this new pizza. The price consider reasonable, RM6 for small size, while RM10 for normal size. The normal size is like the personal pizza for pizza hut. I ask the tauke what is the specialty and he say Hawaiian pizza. Without further thinking, I ordered that.

I din take much picture at first because i feel 'paiseh'. While waiting the pizza to be ready, I took the menu. haha.

The crust look like a pan cake to me. Pre-fried one. The base is some onion with some sauce. The ingredients are sliced hot dog, chunk of pineapple, minced meat and lots of cheese on top with some flavour powder on top. Upon the time of putting all the ingredient, the pineapple was still frozen. After everything was prepared, the pizza was place into the oven for about 5 to 10 mins and it is ready to be served.

Here is the outcome of the pizza.

The bread or bottom of the pizza was very crunchy and very nice to eat. Overall consider not bad. Downside of it is the price. haha. 5 flavours and i only eaten 1. I wonder if i will order it again next week. Instead of 1 regular, i might choose 2 mini. haha. Not bad for a starter. Tauke also very friendly.

There is also another new stall which i din try out. The new stall is also about food which sell Waffle Cakes. It is located right in front of the bettercare pharmacy. Whoever are interested can go try it for youselves.


Penton said...

"Downside of it is the price." RM 10 is not expensive at all, rite?

vkvun said...

Hi Penton. RM 10 consider bit expensive if you daily dinner is about RM5. haha. Occasionally, i will spend more. but usually will try to remain RM10 per day. haha. Different ppl different opinion on it.

cLaR@ said...

how small is the 'small'?