Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project Alpha

Project Alpha is the first of its kind in Malaysia, featuring Malaysia's Top Bloggers, showcasing what's make these bloggers become the top bloggers in Malaysia. 7 top bloggers will be featured in the show for 7 weeks, 1 day 1 episode. Each of them are unique and their blog content are also different from one another, covering from entertainment, parenting, travel, humour and so on. Each episode is around 3 minutes and can either view it online or through starting 18 of September 2009. I know it is a bit late and now already reach the final week of Project Alpha but better late then never, right??

The official blog partner, our beloved Nuffnang, the first Asia Pacific Blog Advertising Community managed to accomplish various achievement in the process of making it, such as gathering a wide variety of top bloggers in Malaysia. This show really is unique and each episodes is really entertaining. Through this show, i now know who the person behind those famous blog that I have came across before or currently following or even might dropping by later of the day. Learning various blogging tips from them are really once in a lifetime, not to mention to see how they spent they daily life and exciting experiences.

Various companies have gathered together in sponsoring this online TV show and successfully producing it. They are ADIDAS, Sunway group, Rimmel London and many others. Not to forget, our very own blogger and famous artist, Jojo Struys, will be hosting Project Alpha as well as the the producer for it. Do remember to catch it on the internet or through radio.

The seven featured bloggers starting from week 1 to week 7 are as follow:

A really short girl but with a big voice who blog about her daily life.

A travel blogger

A mummy who blog about her daily life, her family, fashion and style and also who like red a lot.

Blogger from Kuching and blog about his daily life and experience and adventure. Has his very own opinion.

A blogger who write about gossip of local artists.

A blogger who write about real info about local artists.

A blogger who dare to try.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kennysia for winning the Best Entertainment Blog during The Nuffnang Asia-Pasific Blog Award as well as a job well done for setting up the largest, most complete fitness centre in Kuching, Level Up Fitness.

If you are a blogger and would like to win attractive prizes, do remember to write the most creative entry for Project Alpha and submit your entry here. If you like to take video, do remember to include Adidas Action 3 product in your video and you may win a chance to fly to Chelsea, UK together with Jojo Struys, to watch English Premier League. Time is running out. Do hurry and may the best writer win.

Last but no least, who know maybe you could be the next top blogger featured in Project Alpha Season 2.

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