Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Update

Some of you might be wondering, where I have gone for the couple of months. Well, to be honest, I still not that really wanna share my downfall with you guys. But since consider quite some times already, i think it is time to reveal the truth. Even some of my friends in uni do not know what had happen to me.

Since the release of result of the final exam of last semester, I failed 1 subject and because of it, I could not proceed to my year 4 study due to the policy of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Appeal also had been done but rejected. So, from July until last month, I have been working as assistant pharmacist at Bettercare Pharmacy at Taman Connaught, Cheras. Well, to be honest, I really gain some experience loh and really learn things that are not teach in class. At the same time, I also doing my research project, finishing all the writting and surviving the presentation and viva. haha. Thank goodness the research project has come to an end and i do hope that i can score well in it.

At first, I do tell my friends that i might not go back to Kuching for this December holiday, but now, here I am in Kuching, sitting leisurely in front of the computer and chatting with friends. Why??? some may ask. Well, since June, I had booked my air ticket for the December holiday. Since I have completed my research project and my boss and supervisor of the pharmacy allow me for 1 month holiday, so I took the opportunity and come back to kuching without wasting the air ticket. Initially I do plan to forfeit the air ticket one but luckily i still in time take the flight even thought i was really rush for me to go back to kuching the next day i had decided to come back to kuching. I do feel bit guity towards my colleague at the pharmacy.

So now, here I am in kuching. It has already been 3 weeks in Kuching and I really met couples of friends, old and new. Eat, sleep, movie, online, yumcha are the most common things I do everyday. haha.

First week of December, meet up with wilfred and his friends as well as kuang swee for yamcha session and movie session as well. Second week, outing with wilfred and his friends and movie session with friends. Yumcha session as well. Helping out with KHSJA training camp and even climb Mt Serapi. haha.

Last weekend was an enjoyable one. Go outing, climb Mt Singai, shopping, movie and yumcha somemore. really fun. here are some pictures to share.

Yian Phin birthday celebration

Outing with friends of Wilfred

Yumcha session with friends of Wilfred

Midnight karaoke session

Yumcha session with Yu Wee, Chun Wei

and Rebecca

I still left 2 more weeks here in Kch before I go back to KL again. Life here in Kch really slow. No need to think about work and study. When go back to KL and open the door, really feel like my heart sink into a deep ocean. Haha.


落魄書生 said...

good to see u.. if u're around connaught, we can meet up. i'm in cheras too.

vkvun said...

sim. nice to hear from you too. yaloh. can meet up if u in cheras. will back there in 2 week times. hehe. got change ur hp number or not?

落魄書生 said...

i dunno whether i've given u or not. if urs is not change, i can contact u.

big bike said...

have a nice day... my dear friend..
merry x-mas... smile..

lynnie said...

miz d time we do the outings and lim teh T.T