Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Update

Here is an update from me.

I have moved to a new room since 31st of January 2010 due to the fact that the current owner wanna take back the house and use it for his own family. The last date for us to move is by March. But how come end of January move out when the dateline is by March?? Well, If I move by end of February, it will be very rush for me since I just got back from Kuching for Chinese New Year Holiday. So, I decided to move out as soon as possible and settle down. After settle down, I no need to bother bout finding a new place to move or new room or move to where. The rental of my current room is same with my old one, just that it is much bigger in the sense of this one is wider while my older one is longer and it does not come with an air cond. Not to mention, when I see outside, there is a lot of greenery. However, when the sun is up, it is too bright for me and I close the curtain instead. Haha.

Look at how full the Myvi is. Hehe

Thanks to Dickson and Cindy for helping me moving room.

Since beginning of January, I resumed my work as assistant pharmacist at Bettercare Pharmacy. The position is glamour but basically I do mostly everything in the store, or in another word, cheap labour. Haha. However, the salary consider high among the paid for part-timer. Besides, starting January, I also started to attend classes since the new semester has commenced. I have class on Tuesday (11-12.30pm), Wednesday (9.30-11am) and Thursday (8-9.30am). Haha. I only got classes on 3 days and each day only 1.30 hour. Luckily I no need to walk uphill anymore and my current room is consider strategic. Just need to walk for bout 10 minutes already reached uni while walk less than 10 minutes already reach Bettercare.

This year is a good year as Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day fall on the same day, the 14th of February. Chinese New Year is an important festival as can celebrate with family and relatives as well as to get together with many friends that seldom contact. How about V day?? Well, V day is from western country and brought into here. So, V day is not really important for me since I’m still single. Haha. This time, I am going back to Kuching on the 14th of February, Chu 1. WHY?? Well, at 1st I thought that the flight is cheaper compare with Friday or Saturday. Then since my flight is the earliest and I reach Kuching at 10am, consider not tat late. The flight ticked I booked in June last year. However, after sometimes, I kinda miss home already after my last trip back to Kuching in December and also kinda regretted to go back to Kuching so late plus will miss the reunion dinner even though we only have the reunion dinner among my family members. Hopefully the Year of Tiger will be a good and happening year for me and give me many luck.

Lets wait for the arrival of the Year of Tiger in a few more days time.


cLaR@ said...

hoho! yes tigers rock! ooo wait...you're born in the year of?

vkvun said...

I'm born in the year of Ox. But according to some fortune-teller book/in the newspaper, I will meet with my Ms Right and get together. Haha. Well, need to take some effort also if wanna win someone heart.

Wen Pink said...

Happy Chinese New Year :)
So how was the tiger run??

vkvun said...

Hello. Happy Chinese New Year.
The Tiger run was ok. Tiring. Haha. The chicken got normal, spicy and super spicy one. Luckily i got the spicy one. haha. Overall, it was ok. food was ok only.

kenwooi said...

happy CNY =)


裕瑤 said...

好棒的地方 我一定要常來~~~^^~.........................

vkvun said...

kenwooi and 裕瑤, thanks for visiting and happy CNY. Do come and visit if you have time. hehe