Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Today is the second day of February and i know its kinda late for me to state my dream for this year. However, thanks to Nuffnang and Tiger Beer in organising the Tiger Run, I have the opportunity to share my dreams with my dear reader.

First of all, I would wish that I will excel in my studies and survive another 1 and a half year as that is the time for me to complete my studies in UCSI and become a degree holder in pharmacy. However, this could just be a dream as effort and sacrifice are needed to accomplish this dream.

Secondly, I would like to have a nice DSLR camera like most of the bloggers and my friends. I think I would like to have the Canon EOS 500D Kit I. Not having a good camera by my side whenever I attend any event or outing really is troublesome. Relying on my Nokia N73 for taking pictures really crack up my nerves as it really takes time to take the picture, not to say lousy night mode picture. Haha. Besides, I also will not have the wait painfully to get the pictures taken by my friends. But WHY Canon EOS 500D?? Well, it is because Canon camera is user-friendly and I try using a Canon DSLR to take pictures. It really easy to use and navigate compare with the other brands. With astounding 15.1 mega-pixel and full HD function, my pictures and video will be super clear and pretty. Well, by having a camera by my side, I also can improve my photography skill and learn to capture the pretty scenes.

Thirdly, I did mention that I really wish to have a new phone as my current N73 has served me for 3 years already. You can read about it at my previous post. When I first knew about Nokia N900, I was stuck with it for quite sometimes already. How come dont wan Sony Errisons phone or Samsung phone? Well, I kinda used with a nokia phone, not to mention a smartphone with touch screen capability. I bet I can easily get the hang of it and easily navigate my ways around the phone. Having a GPS really is a day saver. I will not easily get lost around the city and can be the map for my friends. With Wifi ready, I also can surt the net on the go. It really is like having a mini computer on my palm. But a phone is like mini computer?? To be considered as a computer, it has to have a processor and its operating system. For you information, Nokia N900 is equipped with 600 MHz processor and having Maemo 5 as its operating system. It really is like having a mini computer on your palm. Even the netbook could not put inside your pocket. Haha.

Fourthly, I would like to have a nice vacation to Singapore. My last trip to Singapore was a nice one. What's more now that the Resort World Sentosa has opened, it will be definitely crowded with 'people mountain people sea'. Haha. Besides, having to visit the Singapore Zoo as well as Bird Park. Not to forget, I also hope that I can visit some one the nice places in Singapore and try their nice and tasty food. Yum Yum. When I'm at Singapore, I do hope that I can meet someone there who I dearly miss, din see each other for almost 4 years already. Really miss you, Ms C.

Last but not least, I do hope that the year 2010 will be a fine and health year, a very happening year for me. Lets fill this world with many many loves since Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Have a nice day everyone.


theeggyolks said...

hey~ good luck in your dreams :D

Joshu@law said...

wa..you also choose Nokia N900 a? haha..GOOD choice! ;)

vkvun said...

Since long time ago i already choose nokia N900 loh. haha.

and thanks for visiting, mr eggyolk

cLaR@ said...

jia you! win some prizes along the way!

Wen Pink said...

how how how? the tiger run was 2 days ago right? who won?! i hope u did!! hehehe!! can belanja makan :P jkg jkg!!

vkvun said...

me ah, impossible coz i'm not the sporty type. even joshua also din won it. The winners are marathon runner. Haha. After 2 round around the perimeter of Jaya One, already super tired. Walking most of the time. Haha. But got Tiger dance instead of lion dance. hehe