Friday, April 16, 2010

Pc Fair (1) KL 2010

16 of April 2010 marked the starting of a huge trade war going on in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and end on 18 of April 2010. I bet the total amount of stuffs being trades sure will be huge in number, including the money. 

Pc Fair in KL is usually organized by PIKOM, 3 times a year, one in April, one in Jun or July and another one is in December. During pc fair, there will be various promotions, from free gifts, to discount and even lucky draw. Not to mention, there will be a lot of pretty show girls around. I saw a couple of them. Pretty indeed. Hehe. Like last year, I went to pc fair today is because I wanna subscribe GameAxis magazine. This magazine is mostly on game, ranging from pc to ps (ps1, ps2, ps3 & psp) to xbox to dreamcast and even our handphone. You name it. Mostly on introduction and review on the latest games and hottest games in the market in some hardware guide to choose from for your gaming purposes. These are the 2 magazine companies that are on war for the pc fair.
GameAxis and HWM magazine, both from same company

These 3 offers really are attractive but I stick to my original plan, to get hold of GameAxis which indeed is the correct decision. Why? Will tell later.

As usual, I take the UCSI U shutter bus to Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station, then take LRT to Hang Tuah, then change to monorel and get down at Raja Chulan station, which is in front of Wisma Genting and near Pavillion. After that, you will reach KLCC in 10 minutes time from the monorel station. Upon arrival, there were a lot of people waiting there which consist of exhibitors and visitors. Really people mountain people sea (人山人海). Lucky for me, manage to get a good spot near the entrance of KLCC. At 11am sharp, the visitors are allow into the building. People were rushing towards the entrance at Hall 4. Why? Because people are rushing to the magazine booths to subscribe the magazines as limited free gifts are available. Unfortunately for us, we all were block again from entering the hall. Why? I do not know. maybe the preparation has not been done completely. After 10 minutes of waiting in front of the door, jam packed, we all were then allowed into the hall. As usual, people rush to the magazine booth. Not to mention, both these 2 magazines booth are side by side and people are queue up already. Luckily for me, this time, the subscription of GameAxis and HWM magazine is separated and I do not need to wait long for my turn. Even luckier for me, I was the second one to subscribe and they even gave me 2 complementary tickets to watch Video Game Live (click the link for more detail about it). They even took my picture. But I do not know how many tickets they are giving out. The tickets are for tomorrow, 17 of April, 8.30pm show at Plenary Hall, KLCC. Seating wise, is the cheapest among all and the most behind one. I check the ticketing website and found out that the cheapest seat already cost RM 84 each. What a luck. I pay RM 84 for 1 year subscription of magazine and get not only 2 tickets for the concert, but also 1 Evercool Zodiac Cooler and also Sensonic cordless laser mouse CX6. Normal price for the cooler is RM 75 and RM 65 for the mouse. Both are pc fair price. Really worth while to go there and subscribe. 

Front view of the cooling pad

Back view

Inside view of the cooler

My New wireless mouse

2 Complimentary tickets to Video Games Live

Overview of my freebies

I also bought the back-to-back promotion, which is 4 passed issues, either GameAxis or HWM magazine, which cost me only RM 10 for 1 bundle. Not bad as one issue already cost RM 12.

Besides that, like last year, there were also broadband war at Hall 5. Broadband that were around, not in order, were Streamyx, Digi, Celcom, Maxis, P1Wimax, AmMax or Wimax. Most of their promoter stand in the outside of their booth, all form into 2 lines where the visitors only can walk in between them. Haha. Wasting their saliva on people like me. Not to mention, laptop promoter also. Reallly haiz. When I approach the Acer booth and check out the netbook, I ask him about the weight of the netbook and he pointed at the width (w) of the netbook. Weight and width is not same. Tell him twice then he understand. Haha. Then I say nvm. Then another thing is, when I went to Toshiba, again, they told me that Toshiba is very good coz got HDD shock absorber and I told them I knew d. Haha. Really wasting their saliva on people like me. People that only ask but dont buy. Haha. Interesting. But that is their job to promote, promoter mah. haha. Besides that, the costume for Avira really look weird. Just like wearing a red apron. Tactic failure. Haha. There is even a GPS smartphone from the GPS manufacturer

After finish walking my round, I need to rush back to my uni for a talk at 2pm. After the talk, I went straight home and try the new gadget. Wireless mouse, not bad. Really smooth. 1600 dpi. Haha. A laser mouse. Can use without the mouse pad and move faster. Good mouse. Cooler, I think not that ngam as the fan is not directly blowing the air-intake hole of my laptop. Still feel hot. But the cooler is made from aluminium and really feel cool. Even cooler if in air cond room. haha.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my trip to PC Fair this time. Already earn my money back with the complimentary tickets and I invited Joshua to join me. Maybe will visit again next year if I'm free.

p/s: My whole shirt is wet when I arrive at KLCC and got wet again when reach UCSI from KLCC. haha. Too many sweat and I'm dehydrated.


Joshu@law said... wonder u suddenly got 2 tickets to the Video Games Then that means your one year subscription of magazine is free lo..wa!!!

vkvun said...

You should feel honour that I invited you to go. If not, I will ask some other ppl d loh. Haha. The visit on this time really good. Awesome.