Saturday, April 11, 2009

PC Fair KL 2009

Yesterday, which was the 10th of April 2009, PIKOM once again organised PC Fair at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. For me to go there this time is not that important and just accompany one of my friend to go there to survey and buy a laptop. After checking the forum, i finally found 1 thing that attracted me to be there early just to get that thing. Some of you might say the thing is not worth it and quality not nice, but for me that do not have even one of this thing make me wanted to go the PC Fair early just to grab it. 

Sorry guys and girls, no picture is attached as i did not take picture during the event itself.

1st of all, we gathered at a coffee shop near to UCSI and had our breakfast at 8smt and was consider our lunch as well since we will not have any time for lunch when we are at KL Convention Centre. So, after lunch, we took the UCSI shutter to go to the Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station and used the LRT to Hang Tuah LRT station and again changed to Hang Tuah Monorel and reached Raja Chulan Monorel. From this station, to reach KL Convention Centre, i think need about 10 to 15 mins. But Pavilion is just 5 mins from here.haha.

It was 10.10 am when we reach our destination and the place was already packed with crowds, either the exhibitors or visitors. The official event start at 11 am while the exhibitors were allowed to enter the exhibition hall before 10.30 am to set up everything. When the digital clock at Maxis Tower striked 11.00 am, the door is opened to public and everyone like crazy. Running like there is a mad dog behind chasing them. It is just like what the public writen in the forum that they will run as fast as they could to reach the booth and queue up. What was the thing that was so attractive that made them run so fast?? *Please scroll down to see the pic*

For me, i choose the speaker instead of the hard disk. If i were to choose the hard disk, i would definately got it as the person after me was the last one to get the hard disk. To subcribe to HWM, one need to pay RM144 for normal pos for 1 year subcription to get 160 GB HDD. For me, I would not be using HDD, and wireless router as well as laptop bag don't attract me. In the end, i opt for the speaker with annual subcription fee of RM 84. I had to wait for about 40 minutes to reach my turn and can say that I'm the first one to subcribe to GameAxis. After got my free gift, me and my friend went to next door to check the price as well as the quality of the speaker. The market price for this speaker is RM 245 while price for PC Fair is RM 145, if I'm not mistaken here and remember correctly. 

After I'm satisfy with my gift, finally we start to head up to the top 3rd floor to start visiting the PC Fair. But, we were attracted to the PC Guru exhibition whereby they gave professional guide and help to laptop and pc buyer what they should look out for when choosing a laptop and pc. Besides that, they all showed the latest technology from Intel, which are the Intel 7 as well as Intel Centrinol 2. Both are very good and high tech processor. After finish touring this place, we went for the trivia whereby each of us had to answer 3 questions. After answering all 3 questions correctly, each of us got a free notepad from PC Guru.

To reach the laptop exhibition hall really takes time. Why? It is because the number of promoters is more than the number of visitors. The promoter all stand on both side of the walkway to attact customers. When we reach the laptop hall, choosing a right and good laptop really need patient and time. After much consideration and comparission with various popular brand in the exhibition hall, my friend finally decided to choose a well-known brand and the price consider quite competitive with the other brand. What's good to purchase laptop or PC from PC Fair is that you will be given quite a number of freebies and promotion just to attact you. So, choose from a reliable shop and easy accesible one as well if anything goes wrong which i hope nothing will go wrong.

PC Fair offers a lot of promotion on the latest hardware in town as well as the price are slightly lower than the market. One which are new in the market is the 1 Terabyte HDD which only cost RM 399. I even show a 50% discount on samsung MP4 player if not mistaken. As the advancement of technology, more new gadgets are coming out in the market, such as RMVB player which cost about RM 169 as well as GPS navigator. Not to mention, those giant telecommunication company such as Maxis, Celcom, P1Wimax, Streamyx, Izzi are doing aggressive promotion in the PC Fair. Thats you can see a lot promoter than visitors.

Going to PC Fair, you will be able to see pretty Show Girls giving out brochure. These Show Girls usually will wear pretty and sexy just to attract customer. This year round, we hardly could not see many of them, such as Lumix, Kingston and a few more such as online game publishers such as Cubizone, Cibmall and MyCNX. The two show girls for cibmall even dressed up as the characters in the game itself.

After browsing the PC Fair and feel satisfy, we finally leave KL Convention Centre at about 2+ PM and headed for Pavillion for our high tea, carrying heavy spear and laptop. After finishing our meal, we then headed to Raja Chulan Monorel station and headed back to our place.

Overall, this PC Fair is an eye opener for me to see people rush and run just to grab freebies and I myself took part it in. However, i don't run, just brist walk and end up number 42. Not bad as a first timer.

After I reached home, i cleaned up my room and place my new speaker at suitable place and test it. Currently, I'm using it and feel happy for me to have a new addition to the list of gadjet that I have. Like I say at the beginning of the post, some do comment that this speaker not that good as the quality not that nice. However, for me, I do feel that it is already good enough for me since I'm still a beginner in the sound system field.


For me, already left 2 weeks of lectures and 2 more quizzes before my Year 3 Semester 2 of Pharmacy comes to an end. I will have 1 week of study break before arming and equip myself with the necessary information to win this war. This final exam is a crucial one as it will determine whether he or she will be able to proceed to the final year or not. Here I wish all my coursemate all the best in the exam and proceed together to the 4th year. Besides that, all the best and good luck to friends in local university that are having their final exam before graduating this year and next year.


cLaR@ said...

one question...why is the template in pink?


vkvun said...

nice colour wad. haha.

Anonymous said...

wuahaha.. typho ! that HDD is rm299 after promotion. not RM399... akakaka..
why PINK!? lol..

vkvun said...

typo?? Well, the first day is RM399. so maybe the next day, the price reduced. haha. normal trend seen during pc fair.

Whats wrong with pink?? Nice colour mah