Sunday, April 26, 2009


After our pharmacognosy quiz, me and my friends had our lunch here in Taman Connaught before going off to Bukit Bintang area for window shopping as well as 'kai kai'.

When we all reached there, we are divided into 2 groups, 1 group went for shopping for Pharm Night dress while the other group when to Starhill to scout for Jogoya and calculate whether it is worth it to dine at Jogoya instead of Yakiyaki. After calculation, each person need to pay 60+ and the dining time is 5 to 7 which is a bit too early for us. During our calculation, a nice lady approached us and offer us a 'Buy 1 free 1' voucher. So, in total, we will have 2 'Buy 1 free 1' voucher. As we have 13 people in total, in addition of the nice lady, 4 will take the voucher while the remaining 9 will take the 'Buy 2 free 1' promotion. However, the price is still 60+ and dining time is still 5 to 7 as the 7 pm dinner was fully booked. In the end, we sticked to our plan, which is dined at Yakiyaki Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

Since we were at Starhill and we seem like never been there, photo session could not be missed. Here are some pictures for you all.

The nice lady

The guys

A proof of our present at Jogoya

After walking around here, we decided to go to Times Square for a bowling session. Along the way to there, pictures were taken as if we are tourists, 1st timer to Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Look how curious if Wei Kiat


After we reached Times Square, we went looking for the bowling alley but to our dismay, the student rate is finished. In other words, it was about 4.58pm and they did not give anymore student rate. After much discussion and consideration, we all agreed that we continued with our plan, which was to play bowling since it was still early for our dinner.

The guys

Final score of 3 bowler

Some of them even play bowling for the first time. haha. After we finish played bowling, we walked around Times Square as the time is still early. However, in the end, we spent most of our time in camera shop as someone wanted to get a camera.

After we were finished here, we walked to Yakiyaki Japanese BBQ Restaurant which is just besides Low Yat Plaza.

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p/s: Thanks to Kwong Fei for the pictures

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