Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yakiyaki Japanese Barbeque Restaurant

When we reached there, the time was already 6.25pm and there were no sign of the other group of people. So phone call were made and they seem like on the way here. While waiting for them to arrive, pictures were taken.

After they arrived, a group picture was taken to mark our present here at Yakiyaki Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

After finish taking picture, we all went to the counter and paid the money first before we were lead to the VIP room which can fit about 14 people. Maybe due to the fact that I booked earlier which ended up they gave us the VIP room which can fit us nicely. For your information, there is only 1 VIP room in the premise. There are also about 3 to 5 japanese style dinning room while the remaining are the open style dinning area.

12 pax of peole with 50% discount

Our VIP room

After we were all settle down, continous flow of food came in and empty plates going out. Since this is a BBQ style restaurant, some of the food are raw and we had to cook ourselves while some food are cooked properly. Some of the food even have to be ordered through the captain.

Tempura station

Sushi Bar
Ice cream

The ice cream is something like sorbet which depends on individual liking.

After we all finish eating, more group pictures were taken and we were loitering around the premise, playing with the BBQ pit and many others. Before we left, we even grab ourselves some fresh juice and wine. As a results, we stayed there for about 4 hours and they did not even chase us out due to less people around.haha.

Group pic

The girls

The guys

Red wine and fresh green apple juice

Michael with his red wine

Yueh Teng with her white wine

The aftermath of our visit

However, this is the worst performance by vkvun as not much was eaten due to coconut juice. haha.

Overall, the food there were normal but the atmosphere was good.

p/s: Thanks to Jasmine and Kwong Fei for the pictures as some might be blur


tAmmY_BiNg's WoRld ^^ said...

hi, vui kiat...
just came across ur blog!!!
Nice foods huh... hehe

shuennie said...


vkvun said...

yes??anything, shuenie???

Anna Bong said...

why u all take picture so formally?? LOL~ 'no offence'

Nice food though!

vkvun said...

i have no idea, Anna. haha

cLaR@ said...

wahhh someone having funnnnn

vkvun said...

u also can have some fun. come kl, i bring u go kai kai.hehe