Monday, June 1, 2009

My 1st Cheque

Finally, after long await, I finally got my 1st cheque from Nuffnang.

At 1st I was quite suspicious of this thing one as there is no such thing as easy money one. However, as time goes by, the amount start to increase slowly. When the amount hit RM 50.00, I was very happy and delighten as I have finally reached my target. Here is the picture of my cheque

Ignoring the weird symbols besides my name, the money really credited into my bank account after a few days and it do prove that we as a blogger really can earn money one by joining Nuffnang and place advertisement in our blog.

I have joined Nuffnang since October last year and manage to get my 1st cheque after 5 months. A long and tiring months. It does amaze me with how much one can do with small number of frequent visitor and I really thanks to those that do support and visit my blog frequently. Furthermore, I seldom update my blog one as some of you might have known but I try to update if I have the inspiration and desire to do so. So, my friends, please forgive me if I did not update my blog often. However, you still can find me through MSN.

My friend, who has a larger number of visitor than me, has already earn his 2nd cheque while I only earn my 1st cheque. However, this does not stop me or discourage me from quiting as days by days, the amount of money and visitors keep increasing. From April until today, I already reach 40+ and it is half of the time. Not bad for a beginner like me.

To be honest, I last time got told my friends that I will remove the Nuffnang as my priority in blogging is just to update myself to my friends around the world and not focusing in earning money. However, after seeing the success of Nuffnang, there is no harm in earning a side income although it is a small one. Just take it as a small token of appreciation of me updating myself to my friends.


KwOnG FeI said...

finally u make this post..
good job..
and continue the job to get a higher revenue for yourself..

vkvun said...

haha. Long awaited post. Thanks. A higher income means more initiative for me to update my blog

Yatz said...

nice..and a good one..

vkvun said...

Thanks, Yatz

mellomouse said...

congrates! :)

Admin said...

more info about nuffnang at

chek it out!

shah said...


wan hafiz said...

Well done. And keep up ur effort.