Monday, June 1, 2009


I finish my final exam on the 21st of May 2009. This means that I have finish my 3rd year 2nd semester already and I do hope that I can advance to the 4th year and finally graduate.

After the exam, my schedule are packed from that day onwards until end of June. WHY?? Well, on the 22nd of May, I had my A level gathering with Han Wee, Yew Soon @ Moses and Vincent as well as celebrating his belated birthday. Too bad no picture is taken. However, it has been a long time since we meet up and gather.

Then on 23rd of May, I had my rehearsal for the Pharmacy Night cum Oath Taking Ceremony (Update when got pics) which going to fall on the next monday. Time is short yet more need to be done and accomplish.

Next on 25th of May mark a memorable day for me, which is the Pharmacy Night cum Oath Taking Ceremony. Being committee means need to be there super early to set up the place and hope that everything goes smoothly. On the night itself, being in-charged of the PA system, there is not much time for me to interact with my fellow friends and thus, not much pictures are taken with me inside.

The following day, having to sleep only 2 hours, i need to get ready to go to LCCT for my flight to Kota Bharu as me and my classmates are going to Pulau Perhentian for 3 days 2 night. Again, going to update it when I have sufficient pictures and if I am free. After the holiday, I become darker and tired.

Today, 1st of June, is Gawai for the Iban in Sarawak, which is also a public holiday in Sarawak. Since I'm in KL, no holiday for me and this is the 1st day of me starting my research project. All I can say is "What a total mess!!" Very tiring. When reach home and sit on the bed, suddenly I feel back pain when wanna get up. Imagine need to endure it for 2 weeks. Today is the 1st day and should be the most relax one but end up using most of my energy when walking back home. Hope for a better tomorrow then.

There is rumour that the final exam result might release end of this week or next week if the staffs in the Record Office are hardworking. Good luck and all the best.


KwOnG FeI said...

hope u really make the post after receiving photos..
follow mine.. i upload from other ppl fb ..haha

vkvun said...

i know FB a lot, but need to choose which pics are nice one mah

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