Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Research Project

The whole June holiday I was in the lab doing my project with 1 week of break due to SUPP exam. Haiz. Holiday is coming to an end very soon and I still have not even take a glimpse of how beauty is the holiday. 6th of July will be the beginning of new semester and I myself not sure whether I will be able to proceed to the 4th year as the SUPP exam result have not been released.

Back to the topic, my title of research project is Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Selected Botanicals. The title seem very bombastic but yet simple. But here is the twist, it involve a lot of pipetting and analysis and long waiting time for extraction and concentration. I still remember when I 1st started the lab work, I was completely blur as I do not know what I'm suppose to do. After a long tedious day, when I sit in front of the laptop, i suddenly felt the pain at my back.Wah, I have low back pain. Haha. very tiring.

My 1st week of lab is filled with extraction, while 2nd week i did extraction as well as concentration. 3rd week and 4th week is an off week coz I needed a break to study for SUPP. Now is the 5th and last week of my holiday and I can see some bright light ahead of me. I need one more day to complete my analysis and then will be followed by writting the report. Time is running short for me as i need to do presentation of my result on the 3rd week of semester.

As new semester gonna start, the 2nd year junior which going to be 3rd year soon, will now at a fork road as they need to decide whether to take the research project or not. This time, they offering 7 topics if not mistaken with addition of Dr Loga, Mr Fatokun and Mr Lee, a new PA lecturer while mr Lokesh not offering any topic. I heard from Kevin that there will be 2 new lecturers in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, one is Mr Lee who is going to teach Pharmaceutical Analysis while another one is Mr Ganesh(not sure) who is going to teach Dispensing and Compounding.

Some of the juniors approached me and ask me questions regarding the research projects. The pros and cons of taking it as well. My piece of advice is, take it if you are really interested in and also if wanna further your studies in the future. Or like me who are not sure of what I'm going to do after I graduated. Haha. the cons is that you need to sacrifice your time for it. Really as a lot of time is needed for it.

I hope that tomolo will be the last day for my lab work in doing analysis of my extraction while thursday will be a cleaning day. I do hope that my results are good enough in the sense that they are good.hehe. Yesterday and today have been analyse 180 test tubes each day. Wah, imagine that. Maybe I shud take some picture tomorrow.haha.


cLaR@ said...

not coming back kuching?

vkvun said...

i will only going back to kuching in dec and during cny coz i already booked my air ticket. long time din see u. really miss u oh