Saturday, January 9, 2010

I’m a Tooth Fairy..

If I'm a Tooth Fairy, I will need several gadgets to accomplish my mission.

Since every knew that children are very naughty, that's why I need to put them to sleep before I approach them. How knows what they will do to catch the Tooth Fairy. In order to do so, I will need to have a lullaby flute with me. Once the flute is being played, it will make all the children fall asleep. However, the lullaby flute only work on children.

Thats why I will need an invisible clock which hide my present from the adults. This will keep me out of sight of anyone who are wide awake.

Seeing in dark will also be an obstacle as i will be walking blindly in the dark. To aid me, I will night vision goggle to see clearly. By doing so, collecting the bad tooth under the pillow will be a piece of cake.

The last obstacle will be the hardest one. some of the naughty will set up booby trap for me, to capture me and show off to the world. So, the quickest way to enter the room will be through the walk. Walk pass through the walk. Haha. Being able to walk through anything, the booby trap will be a piece of cake.

Lastly, after i retrieve the bad tooth, usually will be some rewards left for them one. I would be glad to leave them a RM 10 notes for each tooth. By then, more teeth will be left under the pillow and my achievements will be high. haha.


kenwooi said...

i like the involvement of a flute..
partially coz i played one before.. haha..
anyway, all the best! =)

vkvun said...

thx or dropping by

KwOnG FeI said...

nice post

wen pink said...

did u get the invite? if yes, see u there at the screening! i will be going! remember to come n greet me ya! coz i duno how u look like.. hhaha! but i will know u r vkvun!

vkvun said...

I got the invitation, wen pink. I will greet you when see you since i know how you look like and also you know a couple of my friends already. Haha.