Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A murderer is on the loose

On 13 of January 2010, me and a couple of my friends got ourselves invitation to the Astro B.yond Blogger Night at Modesto's Sri Hartamas. As the name say it all, it was a launching of its Astro B.yond which was organised by Astro. We were lucky as Astro is the first broadcast company to offer the first High Defination (HD) programmes in Malaysia and also not to mention the first HD television commercial of Astro B.yond which was also the longest in Malaysia history, approximately 2.30 minutes.

Since we are so eager to be there in time and also to expect some traffic on the way, we departed from my house around 6pm and we actually arrived there at about 6.45 pm including some jam on the way there. It was really unexpected as I thought it was very far away from Cheras. I think i will be a new destination for me to look and explore if I by some chance have car to use in KL. hehe.

Anyway, back to the event, since we arrive earlier than the Nuffnang (NN) staffs who had the list of guests, we could not register and enter into the event. The location of the event is at the Rain Club, just beside Modesto's and run by Modesto's itself. So, some pictures were taken to mark our attendance and present on the event itself. The receptionist told us to come back again around 7.30pm. So, we all headed to the opposite mamak stall to have some drink before present ourselves to the counter again.

By 7.30pm, when we reach the counter again, there were a couple of guests already register for the event and already secured the best seats in the place. For me, it was a bad experience as the staff could not find my name at first and say I din not confirm my attendances. I think it was some hearing mistake by them. "Vun" become "voon" then become 'Boon'. Haha. Really sweat at tat time. Not tat i can hear or tell them my spelling, maybe it was the loud music played during that time. Somemore, the receptionist was also a new NN staff. Who is he/she, i will reveal later.

So, each of us have the option to write our new year resolution on the big piece of cardboard. For my new year resolution, I do hope that this year will be a very happening year for me since last year consider not a very happening one. I think I should join more of the NN event and contest if have the opportunity.

The murder scene

So, after writting our new year resolution, we enter the club. Since some of the best seat were already taken, we decided to take the seat at the bar, which was consider the better seat. Being near to the drink really make is happier. Haha. While waiting for the event to start, Chie Chek (CC), Wan Nah and Kwong Fei (KF) walk around the location and keep on taking pictures. For me, I was just observing the environment. Haha. Maybe I not that social yet. Modesto's pizza was served before the event was start. I get to try 3 type of pizza, which were pepperoni pizza, tuna pizza and the last one i cant remember.

The friendly bartender

Around 8pm, the event finally start with the MC giving out some nice speech. And to me, he really look familiar. If not mistaken, I think i saw him before in the TV, in the 'Deal or no deal', english one. Correct me if I'm wrong. After his speech, the COO of Astro gave his speech and announce the start of the event.

The MC

Mr Henry, The COO of Astro

A very happy food for me as 'Dinner was served'. Haha. Hungry people like us sure will rush to the buffet location to grab all the nice food. Luckily for this time, there were 2 buffet location to ease the congestion. As CC and KF queue at one place to grab the dinner, I slowly approach another side of the buffet table to grab my food. There were Vietnam spring roll, Seasoned brinjal as appetizer. For the main meal, we have the option to choose between chilli pasta or seafood macaroni, followed by duck, roasted chicken, mushroom, mash potato and also sausages. For dessert, we have cheese cake and also chocolate cake. Dinner was good.

During dinner time, there was a group of percussion playing some loud sound. Really an eye opener for me to listen all those loud sound. Haha. For me, sorry to say this but I dont understand at all. Maybe for those music lover, they will love it. After their finish their performance, dinner resume.

Percussion performance

Later, Huai Bin come towards the stage and told us that there will be a game session where there will be a lucky person tonight walking away with a brand new 32" LG HDTV, a satellite disc, a decoder, a special remote control and also free subscription until end of this year. We all were waiting for this moment to come. Who ever were interested have to group themselves into 5 person in each group and registered themselves with Robb. Luckily for us, there were five of us and easily, we proceed to the registration place to registered ourselves. After the registration process, each of the group were given a piece of paper, a pen and also a magnifying glass to look for clue. As you have seen earlier, there were a murder scene right beside the stage. So, for us, it was our job as a team of investigator to find out who was the real murder among the NN staffs present on the event itself.

Huai Bin giving explanation of the game

As the surrounding was dark, it was really hard for us to look at the small fine letter on the clues stick around the wall on the clubhouse, except the washroom. Those that guess the wrong answer will be disqualified and those without the 5 clues cannot guess the murderer. So, the murderer was still on the loose. BEWARE. After like 20 to 30 minutes after the start of the event, a group of detective manage to catch the RED murderer from the crowd and got themselves a chance to win themselves the grand prize. For us, we just stand beside and watch them compete against themselves by answering question giving by Robb and the one with the most answer will win the competition. The winner group was Gareth, Horng, KY, Terence and Eric. After a few series of questions, Eric finally emerged as the winner and win himself the grand prize. While the remaining group members get themselves a goodies bag which I do not know what is inside of it.

The participants with their display answered

Since the night is still young, everyone mingled around and take group pictures and also dance with the music. Not to mention that during the event itself, Jojo Struys was around, filming for the Alpha Blogger season 2. Lucky for me, she was standing right besides me when the event was started. But bad luck also since I do not have camera with me. So no picture was taken with her. Haha. Maybe should get myself a nice camera but really need some money to invest in it.

Our group picture

Group picture with Mr Henry Tan

After the event was over, we were invited by Sam to go for a 'mamak' session. However, we declined because I have class on the next day, 8am class. Haha.

Anyway, for those who are interested in winning themselves a set of the Astro B.yond, they can log on to the Astro Facebook fan page at for details on how to participate in the facebook game, which is Murder in Details. There will be 10 sets of prizes to give away. If not, you can also subscribe to this service by giving additional RM 20 per month for 12 months. Interested people can visit or call astro customer hotline at 1300 82 3838. For us blogger who attended the event, we can opt to join the post-event blog contest to win ourselves the astro byond set if we are lucky.

P/s: Mr Henry Tan was really nice person and really outgoing person.
p/s/s: All the pictures where taken by KF and Wan Nah


Joshu@law said...

Good luck in winning astro byond set! ;)

vkvun said...

thanks. but bit hard also. haha

ai wei said...

sounds fun neee

vkvun said...

you sure got chance one if you participant in the coming activities. hehe. well, since it is free, why not take the chance to participant. It was fun when they have nice food. haha