Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mt Singai, Matang

On 12 of December, 5 of us when to Mt Singai for trekking or rather say climb up the stair. The duration of travel from Kuching to the base of Mt Singai tool us about 1 and a half hour to reach there since it is quite deep. Some of you might not know it but Mt Singai is famous for it church whereby it is located on a hill or on top of a hill, which become an attraction spot. Upon arrival, you can opt to part at a further location where you dont need to pay anything or park at a close place where you have to pay the parking fee of RM 2/RM 3 per entry. It is consider a common price for private parking area.

The private parking area.

The filled plastic bag with sad/cement/rock.

That's me carrying 2 plastic bags. At 1st was helping Joshua to carried one,
but too heavy already. So gave up 1.

Helen is our tour guide of the day along with Janice as the assistant tour guide. Helen told us that the church area is under renovation and need the help of kind tourist or devotees to bring 1 plastic bag filled with sad/rock/cement. From the base of the hill until the church, we took about 1 hour plus to reach. The journey up to hill was tiring as there are many steps to take, from flat to very steep. It was indeed quite challenging for us who seldom go exercise. Along the way, we keep resting after walking for a while which took us quite some time to reach to the church. Not to mention, we also have our loyal photographer here who constantly took our tired photo as well as the surrounding beauty. Besides, you can always see various fruit trees growing on both sides of the stairs, from Jack fruit to mangosteen to durian and even native fruits. If you do feel like you wanna enjoy the freshness of the fruit, do take the opportunity. But bare in mind not to dirty the place and also make sure the fruit is fully ripe. Haha. From the bottom to the top, you will see various stops which contain statues with some inscription on it, telling about how Jesus is being crucified. So, in total, you will come across with 15 of these statues when u reach to the church as each statues will have the continuation of the stories on the next one.

The group pictures of the participants. From left, Helen, Yu Wee, Janice & me.

Look how steep and slippery the steps were. Some even unbalanced.

This is the statue will you came across, telling the story of how Jesus being crucified.

A group picture of everyone in it.

Among the fresh fruits that you can find.

Besides fruits, you will also see the wonders of nature.

When we reach the the church, it was quite soothing as it was filled with breeze and shade made by the tall trees. We rest at an open area which I think is a prayer place. Correct me if I'm wrong. Here, you can go and lit a candle and place it on the altar or at the candle rack. Light the candle and hope that God/Mother Mary will receive your prayer. Slightly behind the altar, there is a fish pond with many Koi inside. You can even feed the fish if you do feel so.

The church.

The statue of Jesus.

Mother Mary.

The candle rack.

The Fish pond.

While resting, various group pictures and candid photos were taken to signify we have visited this place. It was indeed a memory to be treasured.

Joshua 'Praying'.

Photographer taking picture of the sun.

The time taken for us to go down to the bottom only took us about 30 minutes compare with how much time we took to reach the top. Haha. Since it was already pass noon, we all decided to go down to MJC and had our lunch there.

How to get there?

From Kuching, drive towards Matang, either the Satok way or the Batu Kawa@pass through Tmn Maliha. After you pass the road heading towards Tmn Maliha or SM Sains Matang or Batu Kawa, go straight again further down the road. Turn left on the next junction with the sign 'Jalan Sungai Tengah'. Then you just follow the road, driving deep into the area until u stumble upon this sign board on your right. If not mistaken you will passby 5 bridges.

From the entrance of Jalan Sungai Tengah to this sign board is in between 20 to 30 minutes drive. Have fun.


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