Monday, May 17, 2010

Blocked Hole

When you have block nose or flu, basically the food tat you eat will be tasteless, not a complete one since for us to perceive taste, we need both our taste bud and olfactory to work together to bring the real taste to life.

When you have airway filled with mucous, the feeling of something is in the throat and could not get it out even when cough very hard and loud really is annoying. Even when taking mucolytic and it is not working that fast, we only can do is hope for the best.

When you have constipation, it is as if like your anus is blocked by a hard stool, even when you try to defecate, the feeling of something still remaining in your butt hole really annoying. haha.

Today, basically I suffered from 2 of the 3 blocked hole. Really make my uneasy and moody.

Anyway, will be going to Taman Negara soon in a couple of hours and hopefully, the trip can relax my mind and hopefully reset my mindset and prepare myself for the clinical and rigorous 4th year of my pharmacy course.

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Shirleen said...

awww.. get well soon