Monday, May 10, 2010

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

I have been using smartphones for 6 years or 7 years already, starting with my Nokia 6630 to my present Nokia N73.

Nokia 6630

Nokia N73

Nokia 6630 was said to be the 1st phone to have 3G capability while my current one also possessed 3G capability. Yet, up till now, I seldom used my phone to surf the internet. The main reason is the expensive GPRS fee which will go sky rocket within 10 minutes of surfing only. With facebook, twitter and messenger, the GPRS fee can easily reach RM 10 or more per day. Really a lot for a student. Even with the present Digi Campus plan, max GPRS fee per day is RM 5 and for a student, consider expensive. If you surf everyday, it will end up being RM 150 per month. Doesnt it worth it to subscribe the latest DG Smart Plan with only RM 68 per month for unlimited internet usage.

(Frustrated whether to use or not to use GPRS)

Besides that, checking for email become a problem since it involve GPRS usage as well. Refreshing the webpage every time to check for update will also use GPRS and which ultimately involve $$. Being not able to check important mail is really frustrated when you know that there is one particular mail waiting to reply, especially the Nuffnang confirmation reply to participate in event. Being out whole day without internet access really add the pressure on you. Plus do not wanna check the email on your smartphone because it involve $$. Having to be not able to reply to Nuffnang within the nick of time will eventually meaning not able to participate in the event or movie screening really will make a person sad, myself included. Having to prepare the necessary blog post or think of a creative slogan and finally have the opportunity to participate in the event and win prizes, yet because of not able to reply the email really will disappoint me and I believe everyone as well.

(Sad being not able to reply on time)

GPS or global positioning system is one of the hottest demand in the market nowadays for a smartphone.

After I update my N73, i notice that there is a new application onboard, which is 'Map'. Within minutes, i try it out and found out that it is like a GPS. However, normal telco charges apply, meaning it will have GPRS charges. Again, being afraid of using so much money, I just leave the application aside, not wanting to use it anymore. Haha.

Being a person that will spend wisely and have strict budget guideline, I try to limit myself of a monthly usage of RM 30, with a daily usage of RM 1. Because of this, GPRS usage has not been taken into account and will not be using it. The RM 1 usage is for sms and call only. Haha.

Not able to fully utilise the 3G capability of my smartphone really make me sad and frust. 

Last but not least, if you used smartphone once, you will never ever change back to the normal phone. Once a smartphone user will always be a smartphone user. Believe me. 

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