Monday, May 3, 2010

April Update

Sorry for did not update my blog often. The main reason is that I kinda lazy and also dont have any idea on what to write. Anyway, kinda like Project Alpha very much, not to mention the song is nice to listen. Downside of it is that the music is louder than the voice. Haha.

On 26th of April 2010, it is the 1st day of exam for the students of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, UCSI University. For me, it is the last day of exam as well. Having said that, I have been free since last monday and today marks 1 week holiday for me. Practically din not do much as most of the time stay at home, din not go out due to money constrain. Haiz.

What I did in April?

On 2 of April 2010, went all the way to Selayang to try out the Italian Cone Pizza for the first time with a friend of mine.

On 7 of April 2010, attended Project Alpha Launching cum Kick-Ass Movie screening at Cathay Cineplex @ e@curve.
(Thanks to Joshua for the photo)

8 of April 2010, attended Suk Yen's Birthday celebration at Secret Recipe @ Taman Connaught, then karaoke session at Neway and finally steamboat at 100 Celsius Steamboat restaurant.

On 17 of April 2010, attended Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair which made it into the Malaysian Book of Record for 'The largest bloggers' gathering'.

(Thanks to Tian Chad for the photo)

(Thanks to Tian Chad for the photo) 

On 26 of April 2010, I sat for my final exam and the subject is Central Nervous System & Pharmacotherapy.

On 30 of April 2010, I attended CG01 and CG02 outing with Jasmine and Wilfred being the CG leader respectively. Went to Co Do, Mid Valley for dinner as well as surprise birthday celebration for Jasmine and farewell for one of the members of CG01.

Last but not least, I have cashed out my Nuffnang earning after 11 months in the making. All thanks to Project Alpha Instant Cash Blogging for the boost. Will be waiting for the arrival of cheque in Kuching.

p/s: Will be heading to Taman Negara Pahang on 17 of May 2010 for 3D2N after they finish their exam. Good luck to all my friends who are having their final exam now. 2 more weeks to go. Also congratulations to all my friends who have graduated from University and good luck in finding the right job.


kenwooi said...

april has passed, now may.. so fast =/

vkvun said...

Yaloh. time really fly.