Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Message to AIDSAware

Picture say a million words.

Some of the people in the society do not know what is AIDS or even HIV. HIV is Human immunodeficiency virus which cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). HIV can be within our body if we are exposed to them will remain hidden until our body immune system has become weak, then the HIV will become dormant and start to cause various sickness.

Awareness is important as the spread of HIV or AIDS can be stopped once we know how does this disease spread. HIV does not take account who they attack as whoever you are, you are prone to become the carrier of HIV if unaware of it. Once the HIV resurface, the 'shelf-life' will be much shorter. AIDS does not cause death but secondary infection caused it. This is due to the fact that the HIV attack our body immune system and cause the destruction of our immune system. AIDS can be prevented by some simple prevention measurements.

Prevention of AIDS is really is as easy as ABC. WHY? AIDS can be spread by the body fluid of the carrier such as blood, semen and others. One of the most important vector is the blood. If the person is a HIV carrier, the virus will be definitely in the blood. Thus, in any way possible, do avoid contact with blood of unknown origin. Who knows what there are inside a droplet of blood. A since droplet of blood can contain millions of virus, readily to invade the other person once in contact with it.

Besides that, since sex is among one of the means of spreading HIV, playing safe sex is important, which by using a condom, in either male or female. Nowadays, not only males can wear condom, even the females can also wear condom since there are available in the market.

Next, annual health screening is important to check whether you are a HIV carrier or not or even a AIDS patient if you have multiple sex partners. Family planning is also important as health screening before marriage to ensure the other partner do not have AIDS. Even if he or she have it, avoidance is not recommended since prevention can be done. 

Last but not least, our children are innocent. Do not involve them in AIDS. Children are the future of the world, the pillar of the society. Beware of AIDS in the society. Prevention is always better than cure. In AIDS perspective, there is no cure currently available in the market. Beware.

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