Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I wanna be The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Most of the people in this world wanted to have some magical power, and by doing so, he or she will be more superior than other people, including me. Hehe. 

Why I wanna become the sorcerer's apprentice? Well, being a sorcerer's apprentice is the chance of a life time and this chance is hard to drop by. If I'm giving the chance to become the next sorcerer's apprentice, I will accept it immediately even thought need to leave my comfort zone to a new environment. Being a sorcerer's apprentice will give me the opportunity to learn many many magical spells unknown to the normal human being. Manipulation of the natural elements, shooting fireball from the bare hand, levitation, not to mention fly, and many others. 

Besides learning these magical spells, my master will even share with me the hidden secret of the world. Without the secret, there will be no magic. Some of the hidden secrets are hidden from the human civilisation and only the sorcerers have access to them. Some of the hidden secrets are even bigger than you could ever imagine, such as the evolution of human being. Having a slight insight of such a magnificent magical power and secret throughly will make me the strong sorcerer in this world. However, becoming a sorcerer's apprentice is the first step in realising my dream. So, once I become the sorcerer's apprentice, I will devote all my time in learning and practising the magical spells and get to know my master better.

With the new powers that I have obtained through apprenticing with a sorcerer, I will be able to fight the evil forces that are lurking in every corner of the streets, wanting to gain the magical power from the sorcerer. Besides that, being able to control the elements of the nature, some of the huge disasters can be prevented, such as earth quake, tsunami, flood and many more. A elemental could even summon a fire dragon at will. How cool is that.

The most important thing is to protect the innocent from danger and only use my magical power during emergency only and not for showing off.


Wan Ahmad Nabil said...

what a great story by you. good luck for that. :)

vkvun said...

Hopefully manage to secure the movie pass. Thanks for dropping by