Monday, July 12, 2010

Time of Essence

Time, for me is very important since I'm very particular about time one. For others, some might think that time could be bend as ones like it. 

How to see if a person is very time concern? 
  • Punctuality 
  • Wear watch to check the time from time to time
  • Usually will arrive earlier than the time fixed even though need to wait for about 5 to 20 min
These are just some basic things you can look at to check you yourself or your friends if he/she is/are time concern. For me, I really have these kind of syndromes. No kidding. If I say to my friend that I will pick him/her up at 8.30 pm, I usually will arrive earlier one. Thats is me. 

Being a time concern people, I have the habit of doing things last minute, study last minute. haha. Weird. Thats is humanity. No one is perfect. Sometimes you also need to accept the fact that some people do like to reach at location on time or bit late since he/she will think that the other person will be slightly late a bit. Tolerance is the key of success.

Times really do fly. With a blink of an eye, an accident occur or you could be safe from serious injuries because you are slower. I have already been here in KL for four years. Times really flies. Not to mention, time wait for no one. Without you doing anything, time will continue move on without waiting for you. There is no pause in the system, no waiting or stopping. 

I could not really remember what had been during primary school, not to mention secondary school. I could only remember some bits of them, some happy, some sad, some memorable. Without knowing it, I almost reach 25 years old in another half more year. Time really flies. 

As a conclusion, time really is important in our life. There is no extra time for special people. All having the same 24-hrs per day. Remember to use your time properly and not waste them. Greed you day with smiles and you will feel happier by the end of the day, knowing that you have used your time properly and efficiently.

p/s: All pictures taken from google image.


TOLANIC said...

I love to wear watch because of the style. =)

vkvun said...

Well, no doubt about it that watch is one of the accessory to make you stylish. For me, I do not know how to make myself stylish. Haha.

ken said...

but malaysian time.. always late! =P

vkvun said...

but i like to be is in me d. Haha

Black Jeopardy said...

My physics teacher say...time is relative. Einstein say, time is an illusion. I say dun trust malaysian time!

vkvun said...

i say trust your own time. Haha. Be true to your own time and dont make ppl wait for you for long time. Hehe

Wen Pink said...

Why oh whyyy! Why only 24 hours a day?! I need more sleep!! :(

vkvun said...

I need more time to do my stuffs loh. not to mention time to relax as well