Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

Spy, just like James Bond working for the United Kingdom. This round, I will be the Russian Spy, working for Russia.

What will be the mission entrusted to me? Since this mission is highly classified, I do hope that YOU do not blow away my cover.

Locaton: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 7 of July 2010, Wednesday
Time: 12.00pm
Objective: Observe the surrounding

My mission is simple, come to a country call Malaysia.

Observe the surrounding, study the people, learn how their mind tick and report to Russia. I need to do all these without being found by the authority of Malaysia. My task is simple since I can easily can assess into Malaysia through the proper route due to 'Visit Malaysia' programme.

I will pretend myself as a tourist from Russia, visiting Malaysia. A weapon always equipped by the tourist is a camera. By using the camera, I can snap all sort of pictures around me without being suspected. Because I'm a tourist and I can do what ever I wanted to do, as long as I do not alert the authority.

Malaysia is known as a country of smile. All the people in Malaysia will greed you with smile and they are friendly. Not to mention, there are many races and religions in Malaysia. But how do they all come together as one community. And thus, this is where I come in. I need to learn from them how do they mix around perfectly without any slight misunderstanding or argument. 

My secondary objective will be visited the proud landmark of Malaysia, the Petronas Twin Tower.

Not to mention, observe and learn from the people of Malaysia how they build such a magnificent building and still standing proudly.

My next task is to learn some of Malaysia cuisine and infused them into Russian culinary.

My tasks will not be easy as they are tedious. Look simple but time consuming. Really takes time to mingle around with the citizen of Malaysia. Occasionally, I will report back to my superior about my finding, just like a progress report. By doing so, the superior will know where am I and will come and rescue me if anything bad happen to me. 

After I completed my mission, I will go back to Russia and share my knowledge and finding to my superior and thus making Russia an even stronger country.

P/s: This post is done for entering a contest in Nuffnang. All these are fiction and not real life experience.


Vin Tsen Gan said...

Hope you get the passes! (:

vkvun said...

Thanks. I also hope so