Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup 2010

Finally, World Cup 2010 has come to an end and won by Spain. The title of world best to be held at Spain for 4 years before the next World Cup is organized. Congrats to Spain. Overall, I could say that the match was really rough since more than 10 yellow cards have been given to both teams. This showed that today match was rough indeed. In another point of view, both teams are desperate to score a goal as well as prevent the opposing team in scoring their first goal. A total 95 mins of official game play before continue into extended time. At first, I thought it will end up as penalty kick, but a goal was scored at few minutes before the end of game. The one and only goal in the match. The Golden Ball.

During the match, many yellow cards were shown towards the players, some includes dangerous move, fly kicking the opposing team, arguing with the referee as well as taking off the football jersey. Not to mention, 1 red card was shown and Netherlands was forced to play with 10 persons. 

This is the man who scored the only goal during the match, Iniesta.

If there were more goals during the match, I wont feel that sleepy. In other words, both teams have good defense. There were many close call when both teams nearly manage to score a goal but in vain. There where some offside that were not caught by the lines man. Too bad about it since we, as viewer could not do anything about it except accept it as it is. Congrats again to Spain for winning the 2010 World Cup.

Paul the octopus managed to predict the outcome of this match. The prediction is correct. Here is the video of the prediction done by Paul. Really unbelievable that most of his prediction come trues.

From my point of view, the prediction always gone to the right-hand side of the food tank. Most probably it is hungry and will definitely go for the nearest food source it could find. Or could it be that Paul is always at the right hand side of the aquarium before the food tanks are lowered into it? Just some questions for thought. The probability of getting it correct is 50%. What will happen to the octopus when the prediction is wrong? Will it be truth that Paul will be on the chopping board? Only chef will know. Haha.

Congrats again to Spain for winning the World Cup 2010.

Who will win the next World Cup at 2014?? See you all at Brazil and who will win it? Will Spain be able to win it again? Will Brazil come back strong and become one of the contender? Stay tunes.


ken said...

too bad ned didn't win =/

vkvun said...

Bit boring final. I expect more goals. haha. More goals, more joy and excitement. Well, just gonna accept the fact of the match and wait for the 2014 world cup.