Friday, April 6, 2007

1st blog

1st blog in blogger since i saw clara move to blogger, maybe because that this blog is easier to manage and easier to login. so maybe want to try out n use this blog instead of using friendster or livejournal, either way,i long time din blog d loh.hehe.

Well, exam is next week n the duration is 3 weeks with 2 papers each week. as time goes closer, i feel tat i getting more n more stress, even feel like dont want to study at all n keep on playing game. haiz, wat to do neh, teach me, clara. long time din talk with u thru skype, dont noe y, miss ur voice, miss the conversation loh. maybe after the exam, then will use skype loh, but time flies n the exam r coming in very fast as week. now only left 6 days b4 my 1st paper while the rest of my friends have exam on monday since they all taking Malaysian Studies while i got exempted. hehe.

last month is a very emotional month, a lot things happen to me, a lot assignment due, haiz. hopefully everything can go smoothly loh, but got something i will remember in my heart forever. the feeling of lossing someone important to u.1st time feel tat way in my life, really unpleasant.

Seeing my friends have couple or their life partner one by one make me feel like i also want to find one partner as well, but hard to find also since no 'yuan fen' and maybe my time has not come. even thought i like/love some girls, tat girls are either unavailbale d or i m not her type or no feel at all. haiz, wat a life. besides tat, some of the girls in the uni are attractive as well, but just admire only, no feel,hehe, but everyday can see pretyt girls nice also,but if like can find a partner, then it will be very much better.

Single is not a bad thing at all, but it has pros n cons as well and it does go the same with having a partner as well. to be honest, i feel like i long time din act as myself d loh, din become childish. ppl do grown up but i seem like always serious everytime. this is wat my ex told me b4. really loh, feel like i m serious all the time, dont noe how to relax, now i also dont noe how to release stress. playing games is an option,but not suitable at the moment now. guys out there, if somehow or somewhere u suddenly see my become childish or act like childish, please forgive me since i also need sometimes to be myself n like act like childish althought i sometimes say my friends childish, especially u, clara, haha.

well, hopefully tat i can concentrate in my studies n can sleep at nite since i last nite cannot sleep at all eh, laying on the bed from 11 smt till 1 smt, then switch on laptop to have some games. why this happen to me oh. haiz. feel bit miserable loh n feel stress. really need to release my stress n reduce my stress level as soon n as much as possible in a short time.

all my friends out there who are having exam soon, i wish u all good luck and hope u all pass with flying colours and tat do as well goes with me since i need luck n hopefully can get good result in this exam so tat i can continue fighting in the course.

i think tats all from me now. wishing u all having a nice n wonderful day.

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cLaR@ said...

yeah first to comment :) well, as i said, just smile before u do'll feel better :) this would be a good head start for ur revision :) just need to have that little faith in yourself :) and yeah :) the future is in your hands :) jia you :) see ya in kooching :)