Wednesday, April 18, 2007


well, now is already pass half of the exam period d, with 3 papers finish and 3 papers to go, which are organic chemistry(quite tough), basic med chem(Also quite tough) and not to forget comm skill(crazy common sense subject). today papers not so confident bout it, although can do most of it, except 1 question, but dont noe do correct or not correct, tats the problem i n the rest of my frens are facing, quite confusing as well. since the pass already past, y want to think bout it, just think bout the future since the future we need to walk towards it and embrace the pass. talking bout ang mo here.haha.
well, just now when i check my email, i notice there is an email from air asia which say tat there is 500,000 free seat give away, as usual, and so, i plan to book the ticket for cny, but the problem is, there is 3 days b4 cny are weekdays and i also dont noe when is the holiday start and when holiday finish. haiz, dissapointed loh. so now, only can wait and see when the time is near, then can book the ticket loh. wat to do, risk now or pay more? the risk tat i m taking could be a quiz, a presentation or etc. upon looking this email, i go told my friends bout it. they also dont feel like booking the ticket since it is still early and cannot decide also and also dont noe there is class on the cny week also. haiz, this is call life, with lot of risk to takes.
well, i have been lazy and goyang kaki bout one program a.k.a. reward program which will help us to earn money. hehe. din go and introduce to ppl coz if like i go introduce to ppl, sure like they will ask for proof. so now it is already 2 months and i have proof. oh yeah!! can say tat i have got bout 200+ d bout i still havent go cash the money out. so have to wait loh since like still havent balik modal loh. so guys out they, who ever are interested in this nice kang tau and investment, do find me since like i m gladly to introduce to u ppl even though u dont want to join it. just listen also can ah. no harm and i can sharpen my social and communication skill since i lack in them.
today another interesting happen. maybe u ppl think is normal, but i also think is normal, but this is already can make me happy d loh. hehe. well, maybe u ppl out there will think like, ee, this guy is crazy one, but wat to do, i m in love(maybe), haha. bout wat happen, cannot say out here loh, since scare someone will come and read this one loh. want to know more, just find me in msn, all the 8 girls and boys.
well, now is already pass 12 and i m going to bed soon loh. i trying to keep this as a habbit so tat i can wake up early in the morning to study since like in the morning feel refresh unlike late at night when u feel sleepy and tired. 3 more papers to go while some of my friends have 2 more papers to go, all the best and good luck in the final exam. not to forget my friends who is not around with me, i know u ppl are facing exam as well now or soon going to have exam, all the best as well and good luck and also see u ppl back in kch. haha.
have a nice day everyday. good night and sweet dream. sayonara. and also sarangheiyo. haha

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