Monday, April 9, 2007

Peace & Quiet

as my title of my blog and title of my post mention, peace and quiet. it is a very important element for me since i need a quiet environment for me to study. why cannot i have a quiet environment to study no matter where i go, even at the uni library also noisy, with ppl talking and discussing stuff and etc. i think tomolo i need to go to the library and see whether the library is noisy or not. really need to find a peace and quiet environment for me to study without any interference. haiz. hopefully loh. the black guy really make a lot of noise. somemore got ppl even play piano with not nice to listen music. really want to move out from this noisy and sad place so tat i really can concentrate in my study. well, one my my friend told me tat if i move out, i will be far apart from me, and my reply is, so? i dont mind. well, on this issue, i think tat i dont mind since tat for the time being, study is more important compare with other things and i also plan to not play game d. cannot d liaw loh, playing game really takes up a lot of my time. really hope tat i can find a peace and quiet environment out there for me to study so tat i can get good result. being far apart from her is not a bad thing as well since i recently or rather quite a while din talk or chat with her d. maybe need some time to cool down a little. somemore she also havent ready to start a relationship. so wat for i rush. from wat i think, somethings are worth waiting, just tat i dont miss the oportunity only. tats all from me as i need to continue to study.

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