Sunday, April 8, 2007

special girl

when u ppl see the title, of coz u ppl sure know tat i m going to talk bout this special girl. let just refer this girl as miss X. hehe. as always, miss X always try to make me happy n even try to confort me when i m down. besides tat, she is very special in a way which make her special. even though she same age as me, but she act bit childish, which make her special in a way. well, tat is her and which make her one of a kind in this world. besides that, she even sometimes try to disturb me, bully me and like teasing me some more bout some particular things and issues. i guess that, without her, i would feel lonely loh since seldom ppl will find me and chat online, she even skype when we are free. open the voice conversation and just leave it there without doing anything, and listen to her typing and writing and doing stuffs. sound funny though. haha. thx for being there for me miss X.


cLaR@ said...

*shy shy* not that good la ahaha

vkvun said...

why want to shy shy neh?