Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter service

this morning or rather almost noon time already, i went to my friends church, which is nearby the condo for their service since they say got performance, support them mah. hehe. besides that, i long time din not step into tat church d loh, somehow liaw almost 2 months d loh. can say tat this is my 3rd time to tat church. environment is as friendly as ever. hehe. my friends performances are very interesting n meaningful. overall, try dont do sin and even if u do sin, look back towards it n regret bout it n turn over a new leaf and dont forgot to trust n believe in God. the the very end of the service, the church leader got ask who ever want to hand in their life to Jesus or how long time din be with him, please go up to the front. my friend who is beside me was looking at me, asking me to up front and she say tat she will accompany me. but how to say, i reject her. deep down, i also dont noe wat i want, still remain as a free thinker. maybe because the time is still not right for me i guess or i still not ready or not yet prepared myself to accept any changes in life. times will tell everything to me and i hope tat i din not miss anything wonderful when i m here at UCSI.

oh, and clara, the her tat i meantion is not this her oh. haha. she today very pretty oh, feel like more attracted to her d. haha.

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