Monday, April 5, 2010

Italian Cone Pizza

I bet most of us have eaten pizza before, either at PizzaHut, Domino's, Italian's pizza, and many many more. What they have in common is their shape. Usually the pizza is in circular shape. A common thought will surface when think about pizza. Round.

How about cone pizza? cone shape?? Ice cream cone??

Well, Thanks to FoodStreet, I got the opportunity to try out this new kind of pizza in town. Courtesy of Foodstreet, I got myself a free meal at Italian Cone Pizza, Selayang branch. For this meal, I got the chance to try out their very own cone pizza with a mushroom shop and a drink which cost RM 15.90 for this set.

But Selayang?? Selayang is really far from Cheras, not to mention Taman Connaught UCSI. Well, I do ask my friends in Selayang about Selayang Mall and they say the mall dont have things one. haha. So, on the 2nd of April, I venture down to Selayang with Yuen Si using KTM since Yuen Si is from Selayang and stay nearby Selayang Mall. So I take this opportunity to go to Selayang and see how's Selayang look like. Haha. Somemore I also asked her to bring me around to eat and see see.

So here I am at Italian Cone Pizza Selayang Mall outlet. Kinda small in the inside and with red chairs and tables, just like Secret Recipe. Din take much pictures with my camera phone. Been longing to have a digital camera.

The slogan for Italian Cone Pizza is :" Offer the very best product, at a fair and reasonable price and success will soon follow"

So, I ordered Tropical Chicken Cone Pizza.

'Taken from the menu'

'Taken from the website'

From the menu, it do look nice. From the pizza that is served,

Picture tell it all. Din really look like the menu. haha. The top later is CHEESE. Cant really see the ingredient. 

This is the set that I got. 1 cone pizza, 1 mushroom soup and 1 drink.

First time eating should a thing should be difficult, how to start. Haha. Well, think of it as eating an ice cream, without the licking part. Instead of licking it to taste it (ppl will look at you if you lick your cone pizza), you can directly bite it and hold it using your hand. Haha. First bite, all i can taste is the cheese. So, better get rid of the top layer cheese before really can chow down the pizza, taste the inside of the pizza. When you finish eating 80% of it, you will be leave it cheese. CHEESE. so, better eat it while it is still hot.

That's what you will see after the top layer is off and with some eating

To me, it taste like mince chicken inside with slices of ham and pineapple and tomato sauce. Maybe I should have ordered the BBQ chicken instead.

Well, all that I can say is that different people have different taste. Not to mention it is good to taste something new. Change your appetite once a while. Hehe. 

You can always check the Italian Cone Pizza website at here and they have 4 outlets here in KL. Give it a try if you feel like doing it. Not to mention, they also have set lunch and other side dishes as well.

Thanks again to Yuen Si for bring me here and the warm hospitality of her family, bringing me around KL to eat just for the night. 6 pm, cone pizza, 8smt pm, 5 dishes meal, 10smt pm, ABC. Haha. 

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