Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ever wonder what you will do when you are bored? most of you will say Facebook. but everyday playing facebook is not the life i wanted. Feel kinda bored. Haha.

How about game? I can say that since I have play game for quite a long time already, somemore I not tat interested in game already.

How about movies and dramas? Yes, tat definitely will filled my time. But again, where is life in it. Keep imagine the unreal stuff and expect it will happen in real life? Dream on!!!

How about study? Well, I do admit that I'm lazy, but somehow I really need to start studying. Kinda fun in reading, being able to imagine stuff, use your imagination to your wildest dream can take you. Haha.

I think as a person grew older, they interest will start to shift, at some point in our life. Maybe towards lady, involving flirting, courtship, dating and others. My point of view only lah. Well, what above me?? I myself also not really sure about it. My heart is currently in chaotic state, not knowing who to choose from. *ahem* Just kidding lah. Kinda hard to know is my Miss Right. I wonder how long will I take to find her.