Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

You heard it. Yes, I think. I will definitely going to the event to try my luck. Why spend the whole afternoon doing nothing while I could be winning some prices from Gatsby and get to know the latest products. Who knows, I might be using them the following day. Speaking of which, I am having my quiz on the 16 of March. 17 of April is 1 month away and who know what will happen then.

Anyway, the RM 50 is quite attractive. Why I wanna attend should event?? Well, getting to know Gatsby products is an eye opener for me. Friends who know me knew that I seldom gel my hair to make it look nice. But who knows, the Gatsby product my attract me to get my hand on them. Secondly, since it is organised by Nuffnang, of coz as a Glitterati member, I have to give my full support the this big event, not to mention being able to meet with other bloggers as well. Think of it as an official gathering to the fellow bloggers and hang around with my fellow friends. Not bad right. Killing many birds in 1 stone. I might be able to experience sumo wrestling in air bag as well as gladiators for the first time. Also, there will be other amusing and addictive games just like at a fun fair. Last of not least, an event organise by Nuffnang and its advertiser will not be complete without lucky draw and prices. There going to be a lucky draw and have various cool gadgets worth up to RM 15,000 up for grabs.

Here are some details for those who are interested to go and attend this event:
Date: 17 th April 2010
TimeL 10 am till 5 pm
Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

For details, you can always go to Here

Definitely an event not to be missed.


Nicole said...

Wow... Good man. IF i got time will go see u. haha.. should go and change some hairstyle..hahaha.. Not bad..

vkvun said...

you can participate as well if you wan to. hehe