Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What have I done for last week???

Monday, as usually a very relaxing day for me

Tuesday, class as usual with night shift working at the community pharmacy

Wednesday, after class, went to leisure mall, watched Pandora Box and Alice in Wonderland follow by Subway Take-Away. I think this is how you spend your Wednesday free time. Not to mention if I have anything that is pink, I could get another free scope of ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Haiz. Sad.

2 GSC Ticket Voucher from Samsung Fun Club and also the Buy 1 free 1 Subway voucher from Dickson

Thursday, class as usual, afternoon play game. Night time went to another part of Cheras, at Nicole Chin, Hui Sun and Siaw Ling house for a small steamboat. Enjoyable and laughing non-stop, seeing their action. Haha. Nice to get along with non-pharmacy students. Hehe. No offence, okay?

Friday, no class for me, afternoon when to the famous chicken rice/BBQ rice shop, then sing K from 1smt till 6smt. After that, went to Lookout point with Jasmine and her CG01. Nice view from the hill and nice dinner. Enjoy my Ausie BBQ Lamb. Not to mention, my first time to lookout point.

Dinner at Lookout Point

My Aussie BBQ Lamb, RM 28.80

Saturday, working day for me, from 9am till 6pm. Then attended the Earth Hour Concert at the hilltop of UCSI University South Wing.

Group pictures of Yr4 Pharmacy students.

Sunday, free day for me, play game and watch drama and movie.

If you recall, I did mention in my post, my new year resolution is to have a happening year and I think that I do make it happen but with a cost ($$), my wallet become empty by the minutes. Sad.

p/s: I have stop working in the pharmacy as of yesterday (Monday, 29/03/2010) since I need to prepare for my final exam on 26 of April 2010.


cLaR@ said...

yah i agree...the more happening your life is, the more moolah you need to spend


vkvun said...

Sad, free voucher not easy to comeby. Haha. Gonna be bankrupt soon.

IyouweBlog.com said...

but i still luv happenings =)

nanged u. what is the similarity between Dr Chua, Gillian Chung, Jack Neo and Tiger woods? nang this to find out!