Thursday, March 11, 2010

So much caffeine for the evening

Drink 1 cup of energy drink which contain 50mg of caffeine.

Tea time at Secret Recipe, eating New York cheese cake with 2 cup of organic tea.

Dinner at Old Town, eating chicken rendang with old town white coffee kao and coffee lava.

So much caffeine in 1 evening and yet i still feel sleepy. My eye lid bit heavy. haha


Anonymous said...

u need higher dose of caffein!! lool.. xP

vkvun said...

I wonder if its work. i rarely drink coffee and tea one. Haha.

R85H2T7Y5 said...

hahahaha......seems like u're trying to write a kind of!

vkvun said...

R85H2T7Y5, Haha. I simply write one. hehe. nothing to do with poem