Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

'No Sweat' or in another word 'Piece of Cake'. Usually these phrases are used to describe situation or job that can be done in a few minutes, to the expert that is. For those expert or experience person, doing things that are familiar to them really is 'no sweat'. For example, if a girl is facing a computer problem, she will be very troubled and worried about how to get it fixed. If a girl is experience or expert in computer stuff, then she will be easily handle the situation, really is 'No Sweat'.

Besides that, sweating is a normal human body response to excrete waste from our body besides stool and urine. Not only that, by sweating, the evaporation of water from the surface of our skin will result in feeling cooler. Why is it so?? Why, when water evaporate, energy is needed and thus, the body heat is converted to energy and allowing the water to evaporate. By doing so, some of the body heat will be removed and thus produce a cooling effect. How about smell when sweating?? For those that usually exercise, they dont have the smelly smell on them, normally. For those that seldom exercise, there will be stinking smell due to the present of urea on the surface of the skin. Urea is the compound which create the stinking smell of our urine as well. 

What if one do not sweat?? The body heat will constantly being built up, just like a walking 'microwave'. Haha. Our body will end up overheated and overload, leading to unhealthy situation. Besides, some of the body waste could not be removed as well which in time result in accumulation of toxic waste in the body which is also bad for the body. Sometimes sweat is good for the body.

Here is an example of product by Adidas Action 3. This product provides 24 hours protection against perspiration, A new dry max system technology for extra-wetness absorption, cooling fragrance that leaves you with that just showered feeling when heat is on, special anti-whitening material to minimise white marks on skin and clothes, 0% alcohol-PH Respect-Dermo-tested. So, it is good to use this kind of product when you have a date when you know that you are sweating a lot. Haha. Some more, you can throw after the nasty smelling cologne. Maybe you can go to the store and grab one today. 

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