Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Date Night

If my memories serve me correctly, I think I have not really been to a proper date night. Haha. Well, for a guy, planning a perfect date night for my girlfriend or future partner really takes times. 

For starter, both have to be properly dressed for the right event, not to fancy also. So, I will reach her door step and fetch her on time. Being late is a bad impression for girls. Some small gift or flower will definitely carve a smile on her face for the evening. Upon ordering, always be the gentleman and ask the lady what she would like to order, to show that you care about her and not about yourself only. After she make a decision, help her ordered the things that she like. Some light conversation to ease the environment with some jokes in between. Definitely additional marks will be giving if you are a humour type of person. 

After dinner, a stroll in the park to spend the night off, watching some beautiful night scenery and enjoying the serene environment. Besides that, there will always be a backup plan if the 1st plan fail. If by chance that night is raining, a romantic movie will be good. After the night stroll or movie, I will then bring her home and waited outside of her house until she safely entered the house. But before that, I will ask her again if she is interested to go out again with me some other day, like shopping or window shopping. 

Well, hopefully I will be able to do all these in the future. Haha. 

How about my memorable night?? I think, for me the most memorable night is that we went to the favourite dating place in where the road is kinda not that bright. Then we sit in the car for sometimes, do things some couple will usually do like kissing. Haha. as time goes by, the car windows were getting foggy and foggy and we knew that our body temperature has gone up and was excited. haha. This happened long long time ago and I do learn a lot from it. Thank again to you if you are reading it. I will definitely cherish it.



cLaR@ said...

did u do something naughty in the car? muahahhahaha

Charlene said...

just share what u did ther ma....clear n detial pls..hahahhaha

vkvun said...

CANNOT!!! cannot tell. have to be suspend. plus personal things mah. where got can simply do. and we din do bad thing. haha. legal thing.