Monday, March 8, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Ever imagine the person walking pass you has a weird smell?? How about the sweat smell?? Some say if the guy have sweat smell, then it is call man. But did it occur to you that some of the sweat is smelly while some dont?? I heard it or read it someway that people who dont exercise are having smelly sweat due to excretion of toxic waste through the sweat. Maybe need to think twice about exercising.

Anyway, back to the topic, I do love the good smell of people around me, some using a perfume. For me, I do like to smell perfume but dont like to use cologne. Haha. The perfume smell cannot be too strong as it will make the other person dont really like you because of the smell. Light perfume smell is definitely a YES to me. Some people dont use perfume but they depends on their fragrant shampoo to make themselves good smell. Some people used bag fillet with flower which will bring a natural scent. Really refreshing to smell those nicely scented perfume and fragrant.

Your mood will be enlightened if the next person who walk pass you is having a good fragrant. But the next second, some other people will walk pass you and suddenly you smell a very over-powering smell that you dislike even though it is a perfume. However, to really smell the people, need to be in close proximity then you will be able to do that. For me, I do really like people with good smell. Really refreshing.

Good smelling people also need a good mouth breath. Some person that i talk with are having bad odor in their mouth but you got no choice but to endure all that until he or she finish talking. A good suggestion is that eat peppermint which can freshen your breath or with use a neem spray. How to know if someone is having a bad breath?? Well, you can use both of your hand to cover both your mouth and nose. The simply use your mouth to exhale and use your nose to inhale later. Then you will know if you are having a bad breath. Bad breath people really give a bad impression to me in the sense of speak less to this person. haha. But they are still my friends. 

Lastly, just my opinion here, rumor has it that the every girls have their own special smell, only those who are deeply in love can smell that. Haha. Could it be pheromone that is the course to it?? Pheromone will emit some special smell to attract someone to it. But again, to smell it, you need to be in close proximity. Maybe the girls are emitting pheromone without them realising.

Adidas has a series of deodorant which can eliminate bad body smell. Go try them out. It do works.

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Doria Abdullah said...

I emphasize on smell as well. My guy (still looking) must smell nice. :P

The two times that I really hate about smells:
1) The scent on someone's body doesn't fit/too overwhelming for him/her.
2) Smelling a familiar scent, only to be reminded of... that person. =-=

vkvun said...

Thanks for visiting Doria Abdullah. Smell is very individual. Different people have different perception about good smell bad smell. Some can stand the overwhelming perfume smell which some cannot. But overall, he/she need to have a good smell that will be able to attract the opposite sex. Hehe