Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kinohimitsu J'pan BodySlen Block & Burn

As its name say, the function of this drink is to keep the person slim, fit and healthy. 

Tried many weight loss methods but still cant't get your perfect body? Your probably have a low metablic rate and your body is prone to storing fats. Include Kinohimitsu J'pan BodySlen Block & Burn in your weight loss program today. You will be amazed with its fast and prolonged results without having to worry about any side effect. It is a delicious Block & Burn drink that satisfies picky taste buds while filling in your thirst and hunger in one go. One bottle a day keeps you slender always.

It effectively curbs appetite, reduce calorie intake, blocks fat storage, burns stored fats, increase basal metabolic rate.

How it works?
The patented ingredient Potato Protein Extract (US/AUSTRALIA) helps to curb your appetite. It is clinically proven to reduce 10 to 20 percent of your calorie intake and blocks fats from being absorbed by your body.

Another patented ingredient, Tea Blosson Extract (JAPAN) is clinically proven to turn stored fats into energy. It also speeds up your metabolic rate during the day and at night while your are sleeping. Clinical test results show a reduction in weight of 1% to 6% within 14 days.

Fast Result
High fibre helps to promote bowel movement. This helps the body to expel fats, burning wastes from bowels while you get to maintain your fit, slim figure and a health body.

Clinically Proven
To ensure the effectiveness of Kinohimitsu J'pan BodySlen in fats burning for energy, a thermogenesis test was carried out. The rise in body temperature is referred to as thermogenic response, where it reflects how the body generates heat or energy.

Why should I choose Kinohimitsu J'pan BodySlen?
  1. It is the first and only natural drink containing 7 worldwide patented ingredients which haev been clinically proven to aid in weight loss
  2. It is a holistic way to slim down and promote wellness
  3. It is 100% natural, safe, effective, convenient and delicious
  4. It actively increases your body's metabolic rate
  5. it leaves you with no worries on having side effects

P/s: Most of the time, fat is not burned is stored on the hips, thighs, stomach and arms. So in 14 days, you may find your clothes looser especially on those parts.


Anonymous said...

really no side effect????

vkvun said...

No side effect because it is a natural product. Going to toilet is common because it contains a lot of fiber

okgal said...

how about the result? will i get fatter once i stop consuming it when i get my ideal weight? but i maintain through exercising and less food..

Anonymous said...

does it have any effect on the brain? like will it make u feel tired and sleepy?

Vui Kiat Vun said...

Sorry guys, Cant help u with your question coz i havent try it myself.