Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Different people have different surfing sport according to their daily usage and job description. For those that do not have any internet connection, of cause their favourite surfing spot will be either in the cyber cafe or in public place with internet access or some friends' places. Some people even surf daily in the office during their working hours, looking for vital information as well as to check email and many many more.

For my case, my favourite surfing spot will be in my room. My room is consider my private area where I do most of my daily stuff. In my room, I can go to watch animation, read manga, chatting and even facebook-ing without bother what is going on outside of my room. Not to mention, my bed is just beside the table. So, I can change location from the table to my bedside. Laying on my comfy bed really make my days. Besides, I bet most of the internet user will like to download movies or dramas from the internet. I do so. I think most of you who are lazy to download will use to install some softwares to stream movies, drama online. For my case, I only stream anime as I lazy to download them. Not to mention, whenever you are surfing at your favourite spot, tit bits and drinks will not be far away from you as you will need them to recharge your energy after few hours of surfing non-stop. Besides leisure, I do read news online, search for information and also blogging to fill in my time when  I surf the internet.

Based on all the activities that I have done above, stable and reliable internet connection is a must for me. If it lag, I will definitely get frustrated and my mood will be bad until I go to sleep. Somehow, the internet has become  a part of me that could not be separated. We can either surf the net using various internet provider such as Streamyx, P1Wimax, Celcom, Digi, Maxis which require a desktop or a laptop or even use our own phone to surf the web. 

I think my next favourite surfing spot will be my phone on my bed if I gonna start using my phone to surf the web and I think it will happen in the future.

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wahh u so hardworking