Monday, April 5, 2010

Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Drink

Sleep is essential to keep you physically and mentally healthy. It is necessary as food or water. Without sufficient sleep we can quickly become vulnerable to illnesses, errors and accidents. Alertness and performance are directly related to quality and quantity of sleep.

A good night's sleep is important to aid the body's natural detoxification and boost one's concentration and alertness on the next day. Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Drink is a delicious functional drink that helps in mind relaxation and support sound sleep. Infused with all-natural ingredients and germinated brown rice extract (GABA), it promotes natural sleep rhythm while boosts general health.

Studies have shown that GABA significantly increases total sleep time and reduces the frequency of awakening during sleeping hours. With this drink, you will reap the wellness benefit of mind relaxation, natural sleep-wake cycle restoration and mind sharpness and alertness recharged.

As with other Kinohimitsu products, this too is 100 % natural & safe, effective, convenient and delicious.

Stressed out? Can't sleep through the night??  

To support sound sleep, it is recommended to consume this drink. It is a comprehensive formulation designed to improve the quality of your every night's sleep, hence to increase your life expectancy and to show a higher level of happiness.

Having these problems?

Sleepless night and light sleeper?
Daily stress and pressure bring about sleepless night or becoming a light sleeper.

Stressed & tension
Frequent awakening at night causes stressed mind and nervous tension.

Restless with anxiety
Insufficient sleep cause restless body with mental anxiety.

Dull, pale complexion
Less restful sleep results in dull and pale complexion or patches of pigmentation on the face.

Studies have found that disrupted sleep-wake cycle can raise the risk of high blood pressure, obesity and heart related illness.

How does it works?

Relax: GABA promotes total relaxation.

Recharge: Coral calcium and L-trytophan aid melatonin synthesis for a deep sleep and boost healthy cells.

Restore: Infused with all-natural ingredients it has synergetic effect of restoring a natural sleep-wake cycle.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the most important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain that not only stimulates the emitting of alpha wave (relax wave) but also inhibits the beta wave (excited wave) to ensure a good quality sleep. GABA also has significant effects on human learning behaviour, brain waves, nerves and immunological system during stress. (Ref: Japan Agricultural Chemistry Association 2004)

Recently, an American new study at Harvard Medical School had examined that the GABA levels in a group of people who had a long history of sleep problems were 30% below normal.

Other beneficial nutrients:
Red Grape Condensed Juice: Your natural source of antioxidants to improve the function of arteries.

Black Tea Condensed Juice: Rich in antioxidant properties that serve as cholesterol detoxifier.

Honey: Rejuvenates the body system with minerals and vitamins.

Does Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax creates addiction?
No. This drink is a food product. It is all natural and contains neither chemicals nor drugs, hence it is safe for regular consumption and free from any dose-dependent or side effects.

How does GABA work?
GABA acts a balancer between the body and the mind in states or excitation. It monitors the emitting of Alpha Wave and Beta Wave to promote mental calmness and a good quality sleep.

Is Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Drink safe and suitable for people of all ages?
It is suitable for age 12 and above. The main ingredient is germinated brown rice extract (GABA). It acts as a balancer between the body and the mind in states of excitation. It is good for everyone who wants to de-stress and have a good night sleep daily.

Amazing improvement to sleep quality in just 4 weeks!

*p/s: Do no consume before driving or engaging hazardous work.


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