Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Celebration

8th of April is the birthday of Suk Yen while 7th of April is the birthday of Moses Lau. Din help Moses celebrate his birthday but do wishes him. For Suk Yen, as usual, we crashed by Secret Recipe for lunch and birthday celebration. Total people attending is 23. Really is a big crowd of people. They even bought 2 cakes for this occasion. After lunch, karaoke session, which is a favourite among the girls. This time, there were only 12 people left out of the 23 people. Again, the karaoke session always filled with laughter and joy and excitement. Different genre of songs where sang during the 4.30 hours karaoke session. After karaoke session, dinner at 100 degree steamboat located at Kuchai Lama. This time, there were only 7 people from the afternoon session with addition of 2 more people, bringing a total of 9 people who attended the steamboat session.

Happy birthday to Suk Yen, may all your wishes come true. Not to mention, I was very full for the whole night. Bloated with food.

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