Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Recently started using TweetDeck, just this morning only after seeing it from MsXeroz twitter update. So, I have the urged to just try it one. And to me, it really is very convenient as you can see all the twitter update, direct message and even facebook update. Not to mention myspace if you have one. Here is step by step in how to update both status in twitter and facebook at the same time.

Step one: Click on the add column button to add new column at the dashboard so that you can view people update without opening a web browser

Step 2: Click the FB icon beside the Twitter, then for me, i choose only status update from everyone.

Step 3: Click the add new account, then choose the facebook tab since you have not created an account in tweetdeck. Just like when you started using it and tweetdeck ask you to key in your detail for twitter.

Step 4: Then the following window will pop-up. Just key in the appropriate username and password for your FB account.

Alternative: Well, you also can click the [+] button which I circle. From here, it will direct you to step 3.

To update status on both twitter and FB, make sure that both facebook and twitter is 'On', or is click, or brighthen up or become white. Then you should be ok. Should be easy. Just click around and you sure will be able to do. Hope my simple guide will help. Cheers.

p/s: Click on the pictures to have a clearer view

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