Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with Broadband

Last time, to be able to online is kinda possible when you are on the go. If you are an internet person which always need internet connection to online, check email and do business online, sure you need to drop by to the cyber cafe to online. When you are on the road, you sure will either stay at hotel, hostel or even budget hotel. Well, some of these accommodation will provide internet service for you, either free of charge or charge with, and it is not cheap, I guarantee you. 

To overcome this, some of the mobile service provider come out with data plan which make you able to online on the go. But these data plan required you to purchase a new handphone or smartphone under their contract. Here are some example of them.

Digi Data plan

Maxis data plan

As you can see, when you subscribe the data plan, it is not cheap since you need to pay quite a number of money for the service. Not to mention, the handphone that you are currently using also need to be compatible with the data plan, for example, Iphone, Blackberry, HTC and others. Usually the data plan is suitable for people who are always on business and constantly need to check their email and businesses online, without the need of big screen.

For me, if I do wan to subscribe the data plan, of course I need to think twice since I pay what I used. I think internet on the go has not reach my need yet, since I seldom twit, not to mention facebook. But using a phone with a small screen, really need to think twice.

With wireless broadband, I can use my own laptop, bring it outside of my house and still can online where ever I go, as long as it is within coverage area. If you are on the road, of course you need a small and portable modem for you to online, check your mail and other. Nowadays, this has become a truth as P1Wimax is offering a USB wireless modem where you can constantly online where ever you go to. To me, I really make my life easier if I do have it. I can just put the USB modem into my pocket and bring my laptop along with me can go every where I wanted to. Not to mention, I can always online when using the public transport, but be aware of pick pockets. Online when you use the public transport is not a rare things in other countries, such as Singapore. 

When I on my trip back or to the airport, I really hope that I can constantly connected to the internet, keep in touch with my friends. Without internet, really feel uncomfortable. Internet, to me, is life. No internet, no life. Kinda addicted to the internet d. With this portable USB modem in my hand, I can always be able to online when I use the bus or train to or from the airport. Really convenient to me.

Here is a dose of Project Alpha Season 2 with Niki Cheong as the guest in this week.

Episode 8

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