Monday, April 12, 2010

No String Attached

"No string attached" usually is the common phrase people will say when there is no term and condition applied. Meaning, you got a win lose situation or even win win situation. Why if you may ask? Well, since the person offering you this special offer does not wan anything back from you, of cause it is good, benefit for you, sure untung one. Then for sure in your case, it is a win situation. But for the other person, might be a win or lose situation. Maybe because he/she is desperate to find people or simply just giving out the offer to everyone pass by. The best example is the McDonalds Breakfast voucher. Really is a 'no string attached' because you only need to present the voucher at any McDonalds outlet that offer breakfast and you can redeem a cup of coffee or a Sausage McMuffin, Free Of Charge. These offers rarely come by, I would say. However, do ignore the other offer that come with the voucher since involve usage of money to get those stuffs. Hehe.

Another usage of 'no string attached' is for wireless. Wireless nowadays has become a norm in everyone life. Wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless modem, wireless phone and others. These are all due to development of our technology. From wired to wireless. Really is a giant leap to the future. These wireless technology really make our life easier. 

Wireless modem

A handphone

The internet has become a norm in our daily life. Without it, some people will not be able to survive. Just like me, without the internet, somehow I feel like I got disconnected to the world. However, I do survive without internet once a while, provided my time is fully used for entertainment or movie or outing. To be able to connect to the internet, last time people used dial-up to connect to the internet with the maximum speed is 56 kbps. Later on, broadband has been introduced into the market and everyone started to grab hold of it. From the lowest 300 kbps up to 4 mbps, depends on the personal preferences and choice. However, cable is still needed to connect to the internet. Later on, wireless modem is introduced into the market. This will get rid of the messy cable connected to the modem. Yet, some people are not satisfy with it because you cannot online outside of your house due to limited internet access. 

With the introduction of wireless broadband, life has become must easier and internet is on the go. Just plug-in this small device into the USB port of your laptop where ever you are and you are ready to conquer the world-wide-web. Make sure the location you are in is within the coverage of your wireless broadband. If not, why bother to bring this small gadget and your laptop out. Right??

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