Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Security at Taman Connaught

If you have notice since beginning of the year of before Chinese New Year, guard houses have been built on the 2 main entry to Jalan Pendita, on is behind the Alliance Bank while the other one is behind KFC. Not to mention, patrolling of the security guards around the neighbourhood keeping the area safe. Keeping the area is safe will definitely make the residents feel safer. Besides, even the police are patrolling the area and also mobile police station being set up in front of the shops. 3 cheers for them. However, for a student like me who always walk, things started to become troublesome when they started to build this barricade at the 3 small road connecting Jalan Pendita and Jalan Arif. Well, as long as it is passable, I'm ok with it. Those barricades really can stop motorbikes from entering Jalan Pendita. Even those cars wanna you the small road also need to pass through the GUARD house. Really wasting of time. Just this evening, what amaze me is the security personnel even put CHAIN on the barricade, like preventing people from passing through it. WHY wanna DO it?? The ROAD is not YOURS!! What is the function of the ROAD when CANNOT USE it?? Really STUPID people doing STUPID JOB. A usual walk that takes less than 5 minutes now need to take less than 10 minutes just to reach the restaurant. Really really very hate it. As thought it does not give us any freedom at all. Somemore I heard that they gonna implement stickers for the vehicle. No sticker means no entry. How about STUDENTS? Please think for yourself lah. This is an housing area with a UNI just besides it. DO expect of a lot of PEOPLE walking here and there. NOT all the PEOPLE are BAD. 

The Barricade with chain!!!

Close up view of the Chain with Lock.

Staying in such area do make me feel safe but feel uncomfortable, not to mention in this house. Haiz. Just like every thing that you are doing is being watched, as if I did something wrong or they are waiting for me to do some mistake and use that opportunity to teach me a lesson or even worst, might even chase me out. Haiz. 

Just me ranting here 


kenwooi said...

why the barricade.. so weird wan.. =/

vkvun said...

Thanks for the visit, Kenwooi. According to some sources, the barricade is to prevent cars and motorbike to entering the 'protected' area wor. The only way to enter is by passing through the guard house. Something like a precaution measure. Dont ask me. I have no idea also.

Jason LCY said... you two know each other? =)

It's kinda good in a way that they now have patrols...I wish they had that when I was robbed at knifepoint at the first 'lorong kecil' before the one in the picture two years ago.

Then a year later my house got broken into and I lost my camera, HD, and laptop along with some cash. Police station just a few blocks away but until now oso no action after police report.

Question: who the heck is paying for the construction + guards?

vkvun said...

Hi Jason, We 2 are just friends in blogger world. Visit each other. Support each other. hehe

vkvun said...

The money to build the construction and the guards is from the residents here. Mostly are owner, so there will pay. If rented out house, then I dont think so loh. But some of the owner also wont pay one. Haha.

Allison said...

wow now only i noe connaught upgrade till like dat dy.. poor thing.. nvm u also final yr dy :)

vkvun said...

Havent enter final yr due to some unexpected thing. Haha