Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

According to Oxford Dictionary, 'grooming' is the things that you do to keep your clothes and hair clean and neat, or to keep and animal's fur or hair clean.

Our outlook will give people their first impression about us, even without talking to us. If we do look neat, smart and tidy, for sure people will have good impression on us and vice versa. However, how to make sure we look neat, smart and tidy?

Tip 1:

Hair is one of the important aspects people will look out for. For a guy, the hair has to be short and tidy. No messy hair or long hair. If your hair is long, be sure to cut it. A shorter hair is easier to manage than a long hair, dont you agree? For girls with long hair and some guys that keep long hair, do make sure that your hair is tidy all the time and look neat. Do make sure that you wash your hair often because the shampoo scent will sure be an addition mark. Good impression ma. For guy with short hair, some styling of the hair would definitely look nice. Guys, remember to shave those unwanted hair, like beard or mustache. 

Tip 2:

Body smell and sweat are a few things that we could not avoid. So, you can always bath few times in a day. And if you sweat a lot, you can always use deodorant. Perfume or cologne can also be used, provided they give off good scent, not a strong pungent smell as some people are sensitive to perfume. Keep this in mind.

 Deodorant for guy

Deodorant for girl

Tip 3:

Do remember to iron your clothes. Those clothes that have wrinkles all over them. Why? First impression always important. Always bare in mind that a neat and tidy person will always be advantage than a messy person. You do want to look smart in front of your friends and strangers, right? So, remember to iron your clothes if they are wrinkles. Or, you can do what I do. Buy wrinkle-free clothes. But also remember that these clothes do not have much design in them. So you would really look stylish. Haha.

Tip 4:

Wear the right shoe for the right occasion. Always remember to wear appropriate shoe for the function that you are attending. Meaning that do not always wear sandal out. Really not nice looking one. Wear sport shoe if you do have an outing with friends. Girls, do not always wear high-heels as they will hurt your feet. I do admit that high-heels look nice with pretty outfit, but sometimes you can always wear the heel-less sandal. (sorry as I do not know the exact term)

Tip 5:

If you know that you are having a bad breath, use some breath-spray. Really help. Trust me. Or you can always take mints. Besides that, remember to brush your teeth since oral hygiene is important. 

I think that is my version of grooming tips. Do stay tune for Project Alpha Season 2.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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Wen Pink said...

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vkvun said...

Well, be sure to always check the project alpha website at every monday. Haha. Coz this post need 3 episodes, so just write before hand, then post in the video code, then you are done when 3 episodes are out. Hehe. You sure can do it one. Jia you

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